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Previcox for dogs is a prescription medication for treating dogs suffering from canine osteoarthritis. It provides relief to your dog suffering from painful inflammation and helps restore a full range of movement.

Rated 5 out of 5 by 81 reviewers.

Previcox has given quality life for my dog. At 16 my Shephard/Chow still runs with grace at the football field. by on 01/09/2024
Very helpful for my dog by on 03/27/2023
Reasonably priced, prompt delivery by on 06/15/2022
Best Price & Great Medicine
This medication really helps with my dogs pain and inflammation plus it's cheapest on this site! They are chewable I believe but my dog won't eat them so I break them up in his food. by on 05/18/2022
Great product good price by on 03/31/2022
Good product Good prices Fast delivery by on 02/20/2022
Great service
Helps my dogs arthritic pain by on 01/04/2022
joint pain
this medicine really helps my senior dog. get up and down stairs. easy to chew tablets are so much better than pills to swallow, or trick her to swallow them. by on 06/23/2021
I placed my order with PetCareRx and had confirmation the order was approved within the same day. I received the prescription a few days later. They are prompt and keep you informed about every step of the process!! by on 11/25/2020
Previcox to the Rescue
Annie is thriving on her daily tablet of Previcox which was recommended by our wonderful veterinarian as a supplement for Annie's long term wellness. by on 10/14/2020
It sure beats Rimadyl!
Previcox definitely helped ease my 17 yr old GSDs pain a lot better than Rimadyl (Carprofen), albeit he could have used a even stronger script. I would urge anyone who's pet has undergone surgery or has arthritis pain to ask their vet for Previcox vs Rimadyl (Carprofen/Quellin) which is not much stronger than an advil in humans. It's unfortunate that because of the "Opioid crisis" that our pets are in pain due to the strict DEA/FDA guidelines. I don't think the people who are cracking down on addicts took into consideration all the animals with terminal illness and surgeries. Previcox is on the low end of pain/anti-inflammatories. In the end, my pup died in pain as a result of not being able to get anything beyond Previcox for his pain. by on 02/19/2019
Works just as good as the one i receive from the vets but at a slightly lower price. Its effective and easy to use. My dog had no allergic reactions to it. by on 01/13/2018
This product works but doesn't relieve his itching completely. He still scratches from time to time, but not as bad. by on 01/03/2018
Relief from hip dysplasia and arthrictic pain
My dog is approximately 11 years old and suffers from hip dysplasia and arthritis. Using a syringe to administer is a snap and guarentees she gets the medicene that keeps her moving and comfortable. I am grateful for this medication. by on 12/17/2015
This product is very effective
My Ella feels so much better with the help of this product.Thank you for making it affordable!Sincerely,K.Allen by on 12/09/2015
It works.
Our 14 year old dog was falling down his hips were so bad, and we thought the vet would discuss putting him down. We've had him on Prevacox for about a year now and although he doesn't run like a puppy, he gets around and enjoys life. It's not the cheapest medication in the world but worth the money if you want more time with your pet. by on 11/16/2015
best service ever!
I was impressed by the efficiency of this company. The product is very effective for my newfie who has two blown ACL's. by on 10/25/2015
Did nothing to improve back and hip pain and weakness by on 09/01/2015
AHHH! Horse moves easier!
I use this for my horse. He only gets 1/4 of the 227 mg per day but it has done wonder for stiffness in his knee and in his back legs. Every now and then stiffness flares up and I increase the dose to 1/2 tablet for a week or so and that usually takes care of it. Great because it doesn't have the side effects that bute or similar have. by on 05/20/2015
This medication is a miracle drug for my dog. Gracee is a 9 yr old, 70 lb Lab mix who loves to walk and stay active. She is getting achy and sore after her walks. After getting her started on Previcox, she was moving without pain. I don't give it to her every day, just when I see signs of her slowing down. It works quickly and is very effective. I break the tablets in half and she eats them right up. The cost is a bit high, but half the price of my vet, so use them wisely. by on 05/12/2015
Once a day
Rimadyl wasn't being tolerated well, pretty much cost me over $400 to figure out Rimadyl was the cause of some problems, and a month of post-op (ACL) healing. So thank goodness for Previcox, it works and it doesn't make Kaiser lose his appetite at all. Wish this had been prescribed in the first place... live and learn. by on 04/24/2015
Did wonders!
My 120lb golden retriever sprained his ankle- the pills have done wonders for his pain! by on 03/25/2015
Review for Previcox
After I gave Calee the first pill it was like having a Puppy in the house. She does have a few bad days but overall it is great for her. by on 03/07/2015
Works well for my dogs sensitive stomach
Works well, reduces pain, and my dog's sensitive stomach isn't irritated. It is a bit expensive though. by on 01/31/2015
the product helped my dog's arthritis to add to her quality of life
The product was great. The price was great. The service was no hassle.I returned the laat prescription back because I had to put my dig down due to other complications as an aging dog.I hope to get my refund.With two dogs in the house again I will surely still use PetCareRx.thank you by on 12/30/2014
Made a world of difference in our 12 year old Lab.
This product has helped our Lab tremendously. I am afraid that if we had not had this product we would have already had to have him put down. He was almost unable to stand more than a few minutes at a time. Now he is more energetic and able to walk on leash for longer than a couple of minutes. by on 12/04/2014
This product works well
I have a 14 1/2 year old mix Eskimo/Chow with severe hip dysplesia, previcox appears to alleviate most pain. Not only does she walk moderate distances, she is able to climb stairs, and frequently has bouts of playfulness with her younger cousins. I do combine the previcox with 200mg of over the counter Sam-E (no specific brand), unknown if its the previcox alone or combination but at 14 1/2, weighing 62lbs, she gets around. by on 11/12/2014
Previcox works well for my dogs joint discomfort
I noticed a big difference in my dobermans activity level and movement once he started Previcox. He is not a fan of the flavor and needs to have the pill placed in something to take it. by on 08/22/2014
Good product and the price was made more affordable than any other company I compared it to. No problems with shipping and no charge.
Great product, good prices, many sales advantages, ease of use on the computer program, sent timely and many offers often. Free shipping is a definite plus. by on 07/31/2014
Good results
My 13 year old Chesapeake Bay Retriever is behaving like a younger dog since starting Previcox. She seems happier and I suppose it's because she is no longer in pain. I didn't realize she was in pain. I just knew that she was having trouble getting up and down.I wish I had started her on it sooner. by on 07/29/2014
This product is a very effective anti-imflammatory and pain medication.
We have been giving Prevacox to our golden retriever for about 3 years. She will be 15 years old in July 2014. Sam has experienced arthritis in her hind legs and hips for a number of years as well as muscle loss. The Prevacox has been an effective treatment for arthritis and helps with her mobility. She can still climb a flight of stairs but not as easily and sometimes it takes her a few steps back and forth to get started up the steps. Outside, she will still run on occasion and she does not show noticeable signs of stiffness or pain when she walks. We believe this product has definitely improved her quality of life. The only drawback is that it is somewhat expensive, a little more than $50 per month. But Sam is well worth the cost. by on 06/10/2014
Helps Ike
Ike is 4 years old but walks like an older dog. After taking Previcox he is more like a pup now. This has helped his pain. He now runs and plays. by on 05/10/2014
Great product
Previcox is working great for my dog. I am a bit disappointed with the price. Not your price, but the general price of this product. It is getting just way too expensive to own a pet anymore. by on 02/12/2014
Expensive but very effective
We tried several other arthritic meds but Previcox was the one that worked best with our 14 1/2 lab. He maneuvers quite well and seems to be free of pain. While I wish a less expensive med would work, I will continue to purchase Previcox for it's proven effectiveness. by on 12/05/2013
excellent product; fair price if you can get a discount
Excellent product for the price, if discount is offered by on 11/29/2013
It really makes a difference!
This has helped my 15-year-old lab mix a great deal. They are chewable and if not, it goes great with peanut butter. it has to be iven with food. by on 10/01/2013
The only medication that has worked....
This is the only medication that has helped my 10 year old, retired AKC Champion Labrador Retriever, Lancelot have relief from his progressing painful osteoarthritis, and I have tried many medications up to now. Lance is a big dog -- about 105 pounds. Just one pill every morning brings the joy and 'spring' back to my big loving 'bulldozer'...:o) by on 09/28/2012
Previcox was my final hope, and it worked!
This was my final hope. I've tried many things to get some relief for my 15 year old Chow/Shepard mix. He was suffering so much from arthritis that he would not walk down the steps of our back porch to get into the back yard so he could do his business. He would just go ahead and do it on the porch! My vet finally prescribed Previcox. In winter, it's noticeable that he still hurts, but he will walk down the steps. I'm worried that after long term use it may not be as effective. Hope I'm wrong! by on 08/03/2012
Works but not for an extended period of time.
I had my English Mastiff on Previcox for about 8 months. This medicine does work I agree but the overall long term use I have to disagree as I believe my dogs body got use to it and it no longer helped her. I don't think there is ever a wonder drug out there that has a long term use and effect. by on 06/30/2011
I am just starting my German Shepherd on this medication. I came to this site hoping to find a better deal than at my vet, but no soap! $2.79 per 227mg chewable on this site, but at my vet it's only $2 per tab. I won't be buying here anytime soon. by on 06/23/2011
I've got my dog back!
My 13 y/o cocker spaniel acts like a puppy again. She was to the pointof not being able to go up or down the stairs. On top of that, she was losing all her hair. She had a lovely, thick golden coat. She was getting eye infections, and ear infections that I could not clear up and a skin condition. Well I discovered she had an underactive thyroid which cleared up all her problems soon after starting thyroid meds. All except for her problems with mobility. The vet said she was surprised she could even walk after looking at ex-rays of her spin. With Previcox, she is like a new dog.She still has times when she appears to suffer but nothing compared to her difficulties prior to Previcox. Truly a wonderful medication! by on 05/13/2011
Athens reborn!
Our daughter moved to the UK from Chicago two years ago and left her Golden Retriver - Athens (she was graduated from the University of Georgia, our daughter not the dog) because it would be more then unfair to cage an 11 year old large Golden in a cage for 6 months for quarantine; Athens has developed significant trouble with her front right hip and has severe arthritis, at night I would have to assist her in just going up the stairs, she has also been showing an obvious limp for over a year, NOW, after three weeks on Previcox she is a different dog. We also have a second Golden named Sadiebrae who is 6 and now they wrestle in the yard, chase and run together, they've been best friends almost since the first days Athens arrived in March 2008 but now they can truly interact and play on an almost equal basis (Sadiebrae is a large bitch, eg. 86 lbs ) so Athens not only gives away 7 years but 15 lbs and yet she keeps up! It is SO heartwarming to see these magnificant animals now so enjoying their time together, all because of Previcox. Oh how I wish I'd acted sooner because, let's face it, these best friends will soon part, that day will really hurt everyone except Athens and all the joy she has left on this Earth, after all - she is family. Thank you Previcox! by on 10/11/2010
Previcox to the Rescue!
I am the founder of Save the Ranch Dogs Rescue dedicated in saving the working stock dog. I recently rescued a beautiful 11-12 yr old tri-color Border Collie named Amigo. He was to old to work cattle so his owner locked him in a cattle trailer for over a year, he was filthy, horribly matted and his left hind ACL (knee) was pretty swollen. According to the xrays it looked like his leg had been injured pretty badly when he was younger and was left untreated. Amigo takes 1/2 Previcox daily, the swelling has gone way down & he is pain free! He even plays sometimes with the other rescue pups. Most of all though he loves being allowed in the house for the first time in his life and he thinks fluffy soft beds are great! "Because of Previcox & STRDR (Rescue) I am pain free, clean, and loved for the first time in my life, Wooooof!" Love, Amigo by on 09/22/2010
My Charlie can walk again
This is a wonderful drug and with out it my little Charlie would not be able towalk its great Thanks Doc for turning me on to it. by on 06/13/2010
Immediate relief
My corgi hurt his hind leg while running around and wrestling with another dog. He would not go up or down stairs and didn't really want to move much at all except to eat and drink. Our vet prescribed Previcox and within 2 hours of taking it he is pretty much back to himself. It is difficult now because the vet wants him to still take it easy but he is so happy to be himself again that he wants to play. Anyway this stuff works great! by on 10/03/2008
Excellent Customer Service
I was so impressed with the ease of ordering and the spuer speedy shipment of my order. by on 08/09/2008
My 8 year old mini schnauzer has arthritis in her hips and spine. She also partially tore her ACL which is very uncommon in small breeds. The Vet put her on Previcox and after about a month, she is running around again and soooo happy!! her sister is very athletic adn always playing with her toys and now Melanie joins in with her! It's so good to see her so active again! by on 07/21/2008
Seizure control
About a month before I was to retire, my 16 year old Terrier-mix started to have seizures. I was devastated at the thought of his not being with me during my retirement years, not to mention the anguish of watching him experience the seizures. The vet promptly prescribed Previcox, which immediately lessened the length and number of seizures!! He has had only 3 very short onces since, so this has been a God send. It's almost a year now so I am extremely pleased with the product!! by on 06/21/2008
A must for any gimpy dog
My lab is almost 10 and has bad hip problems. Some days she can't even walk down the street and back. Stairs were a huge problem. Before this she was on Rimadyl and it didn't help much at all. Now taking previcox on a daily basis she can walk, climb stairs, and even swim again! by on 06/07/2008
Easier on Stomach than Rimadyl
My 125 lb 12 yr old German Shepard had stomach problems with Rimadyl. He doesn't have any of those problems with Previcox. The Previcox has definately bought him some extra pain free time! by on 05/18/2008
Acts like a puppy again!
My dog is 13 and was having a hard time getting up and down. I prepared the children for the possibilty that she may have to go to doggy heaven. We tried the Previcox and she runs around and her favorite is to roll in the grass on her back and 'growl'. She loves to chase the kids on their bikes too. She is like a puppy again! We have been able to lower the dose to every other day! by on 05/12/2008
Quickest results ever!
My 8 year old beagle, Annie, had been having difficulty getting up, was limping & just overall slowing down greatly. You could tell she was in pain. After taking Privicox, you could see immediate improvement within the next day & each day after. It was the best & had the most immediate results of any pill for her joint pain, that she has ever taken. She was on a dose of 1/2 pill per day. Once she had her full strength back, I cut back to 1/4 of a pill per day for about a month, then to 1/4 every other day for a month. And now, I only give it to her when she needs it. It is wonderful to see her running, jumping & playing again. The only thing she hunts now is the couch, but she gets to jump up to her favorite spot! Also, she has had no side effects. I would highly recommend this product. by on 04/28/2008
Our 125 lb, 11 year old lab ,could not find a comfortable position, limped and panted non stop. We thought the end was near. Our vet put him on Previcox and he is so much better. The limping is gone and his restlessness is much improved. He thinks the pill is a treat, and reminds me every morning that he wants it. by on 04/19/2008
Happy Golden
Our golden retriever had been on Rimadyl and joint supplements for over a year for arthritis when she suddenly couldn't stand up. We thought we were going to have to put her down. She cried in pain anytime you touched her. The vet changed her to Previcox and 48hrs later she was up walking again. She was diagnosed with severe hip dysplasia and the Previcox has worked wonders. She is now running around the house playing with her boy and loving every minute of it. by on 04/16/2008
Great stuff
Our German Shepherd has had problems her entire life with her hips. This product is really making a difference. It's worth the price. by on 04/08/2008
I have a 6 yr old rough collie, we just found out 1terday he has arthritis in his left hip of a 15 yr old dog and will need a hip replacement our vet prescriped previcox 1terday, he got his first pill today and I just wanted to thank everyone for your reviews!! They have really made me feel better. by on 04/08/2008
Product Review
I have a 6 yr old rough collie, we just found out yesterday he has arthritis in his left hip of a 15 yr old dog and will need a hip replacement our vet prescriped previcox yesterday, he got his first pill today and I just wanted to thank everyone for your reviews!! They have really made me feel better. by on 04/08/2008
Wonder Drug
One day my 11 year old Sammie could not get up on his own after having had some hip stiffness for the past few years and I was thinking we might have a tough decision to make. My vet recommend this drug and in one dose he was a new dog. By day two he was back to normal and has remained fine even with the deep snow struggles of northern Maine this year. by on 04/05/2008
Previcox vs. pain relievers
Previcox is a wonderful product to use for dogs that suffer from arthritis pain. I have peace of mind knowing that the product is an anti-inflammatory and not a pain medication and is non-steroidal. In the past my dogs have taken pain medication and slept all day and night. Additonally they required several doses of pain medication during the course of the day. Previcox is non drowsy because it is not a pain killer, and allows your pet to enjoy each day to the fullest. There is no change in personality or sleep habits with Previcox. My 13+ year old lab takes one tablet in the morning and is good to go for the entire day. She still jumps up on the bed. Before taking previcox she was limping and dragging her leg. I would recommend this product for any dog that suffers from arthritis. I purchase my Previcox from PetCareRx. It is significantly less expensive than purchasing from the Vet. by on 04/02/2008
Improves Quality of Life
My 12 yr old German Shepard has been on Previcox for almost a year and he has increased mobility and less pain. It is easy on his stomach and kidneys also. by on 03/31/2008
Senior Dogs with arthritis in spines, GREAT DRUG
I have 2 older dogs with very bad arthritis in their spines, this drug along with Trammodyl has done wonders for both of them. My border collie (13 years old) does not pant non-stop anymore, that's how I know the pain has subsided, and she climbs the stairs faster and with more ease than before. Rimadyl didn't work for them, but Previcox does. by on 03/29/2008
Great customer service
I recently refilled a perscription for my dog. The agent who helped me had to go to geat lengths to find a copy of the perscription that I faxed last year. by on 03/25/2008
love it love it love it!
When the vet put my old dog on previcox he became his old self again. by on 02/11/2008
Kind of suprised
My dog has been hit by a car and a pickup and jumped off a 40 ft cliff, she's now almost 12 and is a little stiff. This makes her look like she's a puppy again bouncing around and wanting to play. It's kind of odd how well it works. by on 01/14/2008
Walking much better
My 14 year old Shar Pei could barely walk. After a couple days of Previcox she was getting up and down with little effort. She also limps alot less. by on 12/17/2007
excellent results
Our 11 yr old dobe has had a lot of problems with her left rear leg and hip after falling on the ice a number of years ago. She used to fall alot trying to get up the stairs of the deck to come in the house. She would lay around a lot and be totally miserable to our other dogs. She gets 57mg every other day and chases our jack russell/beagle mix around the house. To say this drug improved her mobility would be a gross understatement. It has given our girl a new lease on life. Having bred dogs for years, I can honestly say I have never seen a product work as well as this one! It certainly is not cheap but if you can afford it you owe it to your dog to get it. Unlike other meds, you will see a result immediately! by on 12/16/2007
mastiff with hip problems
within 24hrs. of first using this product my dog harley a mastiff mix could walk even run a bit. before this product he couldnt walk without falling or walk up the stairs with out falling off or down them. this medication is truly amazing!! by on 12/08/2007
It's unbelievable !!
My Rottie has been on Previcox for just about 1 year. She has not had any side effects but her overall health has improved tremendously. by on 11/13/2007
Marked improvement
My 11 year old dobe has had problems with her hind quarters in the past. With her "cat paws" she has a tendency to slip and fall on bare floors or the deck. Even tho we have covered the bare spots with carpeting (including the deck) she still on occasion slips. This product works almost immediately to relieve her pain from osteo and her lameness is almost non-existant within a short time. Very pleased with this! by on 10/27/2007
wonderful !
My dog has a torn ACL& this medicine haschanged her life! by on 09/05/2007
He can move better, & Play again
Moose a 13 yr.Rottie, who has cancer, and arthiritis in his back,& joints. he wasn't eating very much,and lost a lot of weight. & would lay around a lot, not wanting to do much of anything. after just a few days (5) of getting Previcox, his appitite has improved, and he wants to run, and play tug of war again. he isn't as strong as he use to be from the cancer spreading. but he is happier, and more active again. i am happy to see he can run, play, & feel less pain than he was. I am happy to see he is also eating more. The Previcox,is very expensive but to see the big difference in my old dog again it is well worth it to have him enjoy what time he has left with me.HE IS MY BEST FRIEND & this is the least i can do for all his years of love & devotion and companionship he has given to me. Previcox is worth every penny to have him around longer & in much less painful again. Thanks to Our VetDr. Wagoner, for her recommending Provicox to me for my devoted old dog. by on 08/28/2007
He can move better, & Play again
Moose a 13 yr.Rottie, who has cancer, and arthiritis in his back,& joints. he wasn't eating very much,and lost a lot of weight. & would lay around a lot, not wanting to do much of anything. after just a few days (5) of getting Previcox, his appitite has improved, and he wants to run, and play tug of war again. he isn't as strong as he use to be from the cancer spreading. but he is happier, and more active again. i am happy to see he can run, play, & feel less pain than he was. I am happy to see he is also eating more. The Previcox,is very expensive but to see the big difference in my old dog again it is well worth it to have him enjoy what time he has left with me.HE IS MY BEST FRIEND & this is the least i can do for all his years of love & devotion and companionship he has given to me. Previcox is worth every penny to have him around longer & in much less painful again. Thanks to Our Vet Dr. Wagoner, for her recommending Provicox to me for my devoted old dog. by on 08/28/2007
Works Like a Charm
My dog is doing very well on this medication... Others cause his stomach to get upset... This one is easy on his stomach and his arthritis is managable by on 08/22/2007
Worked great
First pill my dog took that showed quick & excellent results! by on 08/19/2007
wonder drup
had dog who went from not being able to get up or MOVE to walking around happy again after just one dose! by on 08/18/2007
outstanding med
Great product for returning pain-free swimming, running, and general tearing around. Much cheaper at other sites - 88.90 for 60 vs 2.25 for 1. You do the math. by on 08/13/2007
Much better than Rimadyl!
My old dog "Momma" was on Rimadyl but it wasn't working very well. The vet put her on Previcox and in a couple days she was a different dog. No more limping and she was actually starting to run. This stuff is great! by on 07/31/2007
Great results
This product works quickly. Even at 1/2 tablet per day I can see a great difference. I use a whole tablet on cold or rainy days. by on 04/12/2007
Great results
My dog has become a puppy again. She is 11 year old Bichon and had gotten where she was constantly limping, couldn't jump, leg was frequently dangling. With a minimum dose of 2X weekly she has regained her spirit. Back to being up on furniture, playing with toys. by on 04/05/2007