A Guide to the Best Christmas Gifts for Dogs Christmas Gifts for Dogs of Every Kind

A Guide to the Best Christmas Gifts for Dogs

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K9 Advantix II for Dogs

Flea & Tick
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A list of the best products to treat your dog to this holiday season. We are your one stop dog shop for the holidays and all year long.

Maybe your one-time favorite pair of slippers (now resembling Swiss cheese) never gets old for Sparky but the holiday season is upon us and it’s time to treat your dog to something special. Here at PetCareRx we deal in doggie wares 365 days out of the year, happening upon some of the coolest and most useful products. Check out the best holiday or Christmas gifts for dogs that we've dug up for every type of pooch.

For The Puppy With An Attention Span Shorter Than A Pug’s Tail

The Chuckit Flying Squirrel 

squirrelNew Toy! New Toy! Squirrel? Squirrel! Having trouble finding a toy that can keep up with your mile-a-minute young dog’s mind? Well, it looks like equally scatterbrained toy designers created the ultimate multi-toy. The Chuckit Flying Squirrel is a Frisbee, chew toy, glow in the dark, float-able, squirrel toy. Yes, we’re dizzy too, but here’s hoping your speedy dogs have just met their match.

Other Top Picks: Hol-ee Roller Ball

For Pups Who Believe Their Sole Purpose Is To Pull All Of The Stuffing Out Of Everything

Tuffy's Silly Squeakers iBalls

iballsYou may well be one of those doggie parents who has a part-time job cleaning up all of the stuffing that litters your floor after your dog “takes on” a new toy (or pillow.) Challenge your champion with Tuffy’s Silly Squeakers iBalls, a toy designed to appease the destructive nature of your dog without causing such a mess. iBalls are made with the highest quality materials to ensure your dog's safety and, without poly stuffing, there will be no more mess when your dog is done playing.

Other Top Picks: Indestructi-BALL

A Gift For The Dog Who Chases Porcupines

Do you ever feel like your dog is in need of a good insurance plan? Always leaping off of the roof, perpetually breaking into the chocolate drawer and considers chasing speeding cars a hobby? You must have your hands full, but of course the most important thing for your loved one is staying safe. How about a gift that at least maintains their good health and good spirits? Companion Promise Advanced Nutrition Multi-Vitamin for Dogs is a good way to stay on top of your dog's nutritional needs and keep them operating at peak health. As for the porcupine issue, some lessons have to be learned.

A Gift For The Gourmand

Happy Dog of Cape Cod Elk Antler

elkThrough careful spoiling on your part your dog has acquired a refined palette. He may never be a truffle sniffing dog but he certainly could be a truffle eating one. For the food snob regular biscuits simply will not do. Happy Dog of Cape Cod Elk Antler provides a healthy, natural and environmentally friendly alternative. Elk shed their antlers every year, leaving behind a great natural source of calcium, phosphorus, potassium and many other nutrients. What says doggie culinary experience more than antlers harvested fresh from the forest floor and served to your doorstep?

Other Top Picks: Newman’s Own Organics Chicken Dog Treats

Best Gift For The Practical Dog

Flea and Tick Medication

advantixIf your dog is the rare breed that doesn’t tear up the newspaper when grabbing it, but lays it out nicely, separating the business section for you, and has a pile of untouched chew toys in the corner, then maybe your dog wants a more responsible holiday gift. Still, a good dog deserves more than a lump of coal, so treat your pet to something practical. A good flea medicine is the gift that keeps on giving by ensuring that your dog remains pest-free and doesn’t have to suffer the discomfort and health risks of having fleas, ticks and other pests. Read up on our full selection of flea and tick medications to find the one that suits your dog.

For The Doggie Fashionista

Four Paws Comfort Harness

pink-dog-harnessOK, maybe our dogs aren’t as vain as we think, but they do strut their stuff every morning at the park or on an evening walk, so they have to look good. You know what we mean: a healthy, shiny coat, clean and well-brushed, and an accessory to pull the look together. To get your dog noticed make their gift a beauty package. Omega-3 Fish Oil Supplements enhance the sheen of your dog’s coat while PawGanics Foaming Shampoo for Dogs is a natural shampoo that ensures the softest, smoothest coat. Finally, accent your dog’s beautiful fur with a pink Four Paws Comfort Harness to keep your pet safe and fashionable on walks for many winters to come.

For Every Dog

Would you like to save up to 75% on pet medications? What about getting a plan for your dog that has no restrictions for pre-existing conditions, and steps in to help the most the moment your pet gets sick? Membership in PetPlus gets you 75 percent off pet medications -- a great choice for pets who need recurring meds.

Whatever you’re getting for your dog this season, make it perfect with a customized paw stocking over the fireplace!


With so many great gifts to give your dogs this holiday season they may need a bigger space to store all of their gear. Shop with love and happy holidays from PetCareRx.

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