18 of the Coolest Cat Christmas Presents The Best Cat Toys and Treasures for the Holiday Season

18 of the Coolest Cat Christmas Presents

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Treat your kitty to the perfect holiday gift this year--from the climber to the snuggler, we've found the best gifts for every cat this holiday season.

You love your cat as much as any other member of the family, but you have to admit, she can be a bit choosy. She only likes the pink feather cat wand—that blue one just won’t do. Now that the holidays are upon us, you’re looking for cat Christmas presents that will hold up to her standards.

We’ve got good news—we know how choosy cats can be, too, and we’ve picked out just the thing for every kind of kitty.

For the cat who considers the bookshelf her personal jungle gym

You’d never say it where she can hear, but your cat can be a bit of a handful. She’ll leap for your ankles from under the couch when you least expect it, and you’ve seen her knock over three vases at a time while chasing the same dust mote. Give your frisky feline an outlet that’s just for her.


Remote Controlled Micro Mouse - What's better than a laser pointer and a toy mouse combined? Why, a toy mouse that you control as easily as waving around a laser pointer! Watch your cat chase this mouse as you control it's every move, and then watch how satisfied they are when they catch it!

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For the cat-napper who loves your armchair as much as you do

There’s a lot to love about winter—beautiful layers of snow making a wonderland outside, and cuddling up in your comfiest armchair with hot cocoa are some of the best joys of the season. Spread the snuggly love by treating your kitty to a bed that will melt her cares away.


Heated Pet Mat with Fleece Cover - Let this heated cat bed warm your kitty up on those cold winter days and nights. The anti-chew cord will let you rest easy, too.

Other Top Picks: Dream Zone Fleece Bed

For the maybe-just-a-bit-messier than normal cat

Your furball is perfect in your eyes, but your eyes also do notice all that cat hair laying around, and your feet don’t always appreciate the scattered litter right outside your cat’s box. Gift your cat by gifting yourself—just a little bit—this holiday season. Your cat will feel so pampered she won’t notice how much you’re benefiting, too.


Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush - This self-cleaning brush will make grooming your cat a joy all around. Treat your kitty to a pampering brush session, then simply march the brush to the trash can, retract the bristles, and good-bye kitty hair.

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For the diva

You have a feeling your cat notices more than she lets on when she watches over your shoulder as you page through fashion magazines, because she’ll do a disappearing trick with a collar or tag that doesn’t meet her high standards. Let her know you’ve noticed her style savvy and give her an accessory she’ll wear proudly.


Ultra Suede Collar - Nothing says style quite like soft suede. Your kitty will be fashionable and safe in this safety-release collar.

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For the foodie

You’re rolling up your sleeves and tackling the holiday cooking: turkeys, puddings, potatoes, casseroles… who can blame your kitty for hanging around the kitchen even more than usual, hoping for a treat? Human foods may not be safe for your cat—chicken and turkey bones are in fact dangerous—but you can treat your hungry buddy to a holiday meal designed just for her.


Wellness Cubed Turkey Dinner - As you dig in to the turkey, mashed potatoes, and gravy, let your cat can join in the festivities with her very own turkey dinner.

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For the fearless outdoor predator

You know your cat is a cuddly bundle of love who’d never turn down a good tummy rub. But out in the neighborhood, she has a reputation to maintain. She’s active, fearless, and has never met her equal in the art of stalking birds (so what if they always fly away?). Make sure you vivacious creature is protected in her adventures.


Frontline Plus for Cats and Heartgard for Cats - While the height of flea and tick season may be a few months away, now is the perfect time to stock up. Choose a gift that keeps giving, and keep your kitty protected with flea and tick and heartworm medicines.

For Every Cat

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Whatever you’re getting for your cat this season, make it perfect with a customized kitty stocking over the fireplace!


Customized Paw Stocking

Happy Holidays!

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