A List of Must-Have Items for Senior Dogs at Home Essential Products Worth Considering by Pet Parents for Their Aging Dogs

A List of Must-Have Items for Senior Dogs at Home

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Senior dogs often have health problems that require special care and attention. You might not know what to do or where to start when it comes to caring for a senior dog. However, this post provides a list of must-have items for senior dogs.

You love your senior dog, but it may take extra effort to keep him comfortable and happy at home. In addition, as your dog ages, he may need help with simple tasks like eating, drinking, and going up and down stairs. Fortunately, there are many products available that can make this easier for both of you. The following list includes some of the best items for keeping your senior dog comfortable at home:

Non-Slip Rugs or Rubber Mats

The first item on our list is non-slip rugs or rubber mats. When dogs are at home, they move around a lot and tend to slip easily on hardwood floors, tile floors, linoleum floors, carpeted areas, and even concrete surfaces. These can be extremely dangerous for senior dogs because they often have joint pain or difficulty walking due to age. In addition to helping them get around without slipping on the flooring in your home, these mats will provide extra cushioning. It is important because senior dogs have reduced sensitivity in their paws, so it may take longer to notice when they've stepped into something sticky or dangerous, like mud or snow.

Low Food and Water Bowls

Another item you should include in your pet's home is a set of low food and water dog bowls. It's important to have all the same size, shape, and material so you're not constantly washing all your pets' dishes. The best part about these is that they're low to the ground, so even if your pup has trouble getting up or down, they can still reach their bowl easily. Low food and water bowls are measured at:

  • No more than 2 inches high,

  • No more than 2 inches wide,

  • No more than 2 inches deep,

  • No more than 2 inches from the floor,

  • No more than 2 inches from wall or table edge, and finally

  • No less than two inches apart from each other

The best is to customize a dog bowl stand that meets all the above criteria.

Diaper for Senior Dogs

Diapers for dogs are becoming the new trend in pet parenting. Most people wonder, how can I keep my senior dog from having an accident? If your dog has started to have accidents around the house and you are ready to help him/her with incontinence, then these diapers might be a great solution.

A diaper for an older dog is designed for dogs experiencing incontinence issues or joint problems. The diapers help absorb moisture and prevent leaks on your furniture, floors, and carpets.

The best part about these diapers is that they have leak proof ventilation system, which allows airflow through the entire pad while preventing leaks at all times. As a result, it allows your senior pet to feel comfortable all day long. In addition, they will feel dry even though their bladder holds many liters of urine at once, which means no more accidents.

Cushion Beds

A cushioned bed can help reduce joint pain and pressure if your senior dog has mobility issues. It's also a good way to provide extra support for older dogs whose backs don't bend as easily as they used to.

You can find cushion dog beds made of memory foam or gel in pet stores or online, but if you want something right for your fur baby, you can make one yourself at home. Just be sure to remember that some dogs prefer certain types of materials over others. For example, cats like memory foam, while dogs prefer more solid surfaces like rubber. So it might take some trial and error before finding the perfect fit.

Blanket for Older Dog

A soft blanket can be used as a bed or placed on top of the dog's regular bed. It can also serve as a mat outside or in the car. If you have an older dog who has trouble getting up and down, you can use this blanket to help with the transition. The soft material will make it easier for them to get up without hurting themselves, and they'll feel safer stepping onto it than stepping onto hard tile or wood floors which could hurt their paws.

In addition to using it as a mat outside and inside, you can use it under your senior dog's food bowl. Then, if your dog accidentally spills food while eating or drinking water out of their bowl, there will be something nice and soft for them to step on.

Pet Ramps and Stairs for Older Dogs

Pet ramps are a great option for older dogs who have trouble jumping. They can also be helpful for senior pets that are recovering from surgery or injury, as well as those with arthritis or hip problems. If you have an aging pup in your life, you may want to consider purchasing a pet ramp so that they'll be able to enjoy the comforts of home. Pet ramps come in many different sizes, styles, and materials; it's up to you which kind would work best for your furry friend.

Senior Dog Food

If your dog is approaching or has reached the senior years, it is important to take note of its nutritional needs. As dogs age, their metabolism slows down, requiring fewer calories. Choosing a senior dog food that can help prevent health issues such as diabetes and arthritis in older dogs is also important.

Below are some examples of senior dog food brands:

  • Hill's Science Diet Senior Dog Food Dry Formula - This brand uses real chicken as its first ingredient, which promotes healthy weight management for older dogs. In addition, the formula contains antioxidants and vitamins to improve the immune function of aging pets.

  • Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets Canine Weight Control Formula - This brand uses chicken meal as its first ingredient, which helps maintain lean muscle mass while helping control weight gain in older pets with weight gain problems. These problems usually arise from medications like steroids or NSAID drugs such as Rimadyl.

Health Supplements

Supplements to Help with Joint Pain:

You may want to consider a supplement such as Glucosamine or Carprofen. It can help reduce the pain and inflammation from arthritis and joint issues. However, one of the best things about it is that it's not an immediate fix but rather something you have to take regularly if you're going to see results, which makes it seem like more of an investment than just a one-time shot in the arm. In addition, other supplements work with glucosamine that might be useful for your dog depending on his specific needs:

  • Chondroitin Sulfate: this helps keep cartilage healthy,

  • MSM: it promotes healthy connective tissue,

  • Vitamin C: supports collagen production, 

  • Hyaluronic Acid: helps lubricate joints, and

  • Dasuquin for Dogs: good for senior dogs' joint health.

Supplements to Help with Digestion:

Some natural remedies for digestion problems such as digestive enzymes or probiotics. The former breaks down foods into nutrients so they can be absorbed better by your body; the latter promotes normal bacterial growth in the gut. Both of these can help humans and animals who suffer from digestive issues like diarrhea or constipation due to various causes, including stress.

Grooming Care Kit

  • Dog Comb

  • Dog Brush

  • Nail Clippers

  • Hair Trimmer

  • Ear Cleaner Wipes

If you have a senior dog looking to keep its coat in good shape, you may want to get some grooming supplies. Grooming kits are necessary items for any dog owner, but they can be especially useful for older dogs who need a little extra care.

These Items Can Help Make Your Old Dog More Comfortable.

You may not realize it, but your old dog has special needs that aren't immediately obvious. Yet, you should be doing everything in your power to help keep him or her happy and healthy. If you're looking for tips on how to do this, this article will show you exactly what items are most important for senior dogs at home.

While there are many different ways someone might want their senior dog at home, there are a few things that we've found most useful over the past year of caring for our elderly pup. The following list is of the top 3 must-have products designed specifically with older dogs in mind:

  • Comfortable bedding: Having a soft place where she can rest up after a hard day is important for helping seniors stay active and healthy throughout their lives.

  • Food & water bowl set: A good quality bowls will last longer than any other item on this list because they are used frequently by both owner and pet alike!

  • Treat dispenser: This one isn't necessarily something an older dog needs immediately. However, if you have younger children who have difficulty giving treats gently enough without breaking teeth, then maybe think about getting one, especially if they're going through puberty.


We hope you enjoyed our list of must-have items for senior dogs at home! We know that caring for your dog can be a big job, but we hope these tips will make it easier and more enjoyable for you. In the end, remember that each dog is unique in what they need and how they like to live. So don't feel pressured into buying everything on this list; just do what works best for your fur baby.

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