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Grooming your pet doesn't have to be something to dread. If you are properly equipped, it can become a great bonding experience, and you will both be grateful for the result.

Grooming a pet can be anything from buckets of fun to buckets of soapy water all over the floor. Which way the experience goes can largely depend on having the right tools for the job.

We've picked out the best brushes, shampoos, and more, so you'll know you're getting the right tools and products.

Here's to more shiny coats and trimmed nails, and less mess!

Pet Brushes

Brushes help to remove loose fur, get rid of tangles, and generally sruce up your pet's coat. Whether you have an outdoor pet that likes to accessorize with mud pies or an indoor pet whose extra fur would be better in the bin than all over your couch, these brushes will get the job done.


Designer Slicker Brush

  • Professional quality brush
  • Comfortable handle
  • Exceptionally gentle on pets' coats

Four Paws Cat Combo Brush

  • Long-lasting cat brush
  • One side has reinforced wire bristles with plastic no-scratch tips
  • Other side has gentle nylon bristles

Safari Combo Brush

  • Excellent for breaking up knots
  • The bristle side of the brush will fluff and soften the coat
  • Gives a soothing massage as you brush

Vista Pin Brush with Ball Tips

  • Tips on bristles prevent scratching
  • Will remove tangles and soften your pet's coat

Nail Trimmers

Cat's and dog's nails are sometimes easily overlooked, until a play session turns into an unintentional scratch. Dogs prefer their nails trim for easy movement, and cats will do less damage to your new pillows or your favorite jeans. These clippers will make trimming easy and safe.


JW Gripsoft Cat Nail Clipper

  • Made especially for cat's claws
  • Ergonomically correct handles
  • Non-slip grip ensures that you have total control when clipping nails

Four Paws Nail Trimmer

  • Features a moveable safety bar to prevent over-cutting
  • Large and comfortable handle
  • Stainless steel blades ensure clean trimming

Miller's Forge Dog Nail Clippers

  • Designed for use on all breeds of dogs
  • Surgical steel blade will have a long-lasting sharp edge

Miller's Forge Pet Nail Clipper with Safety

  • Features a safety bar to prevent over-cutting
  • The heat-treated steel will retain its sharpness
  • Designed for precision

Pet Shampoos

When it's time to lather up your pet, you want to be sure to use a product specifically designed for bathing pets. No-tear and sensitive skin options will leave your pet clean and their skin and coat shiny and not over-dried.


Groomer's Blend Itch Calm Shampoo

  • Formualted to reduce irritation from allergies, insect bites, and more
  • Reduces swelling and inflammation
  • Cleans and eliminates bacteria

Bio Guard Shampoo for Dogs and Cats

  • Gentle cleaning shampoo for pets of any age, including puppies and kittens
  • Won't wash off some spot-on flea and tick treatments
  • Protects against fleas and ticks

Bio-Groom Silky Shampoo for Cats

  • Tearless shampoo
  • Made from baby coconut oil to clean without stripping natural oils
  • Won't leave any residue

Veterinary Formula Antiseptic and Antifungal Medicated Shampoo

  • For use once or twice a week to keep skin healthy and soft
  • Relieves fungal and bacterial infections
  • For use on dogs and cats over 12 weeks old

Conditioning and Grooming Sprays

These handy concoctions can be used after bath time or in between washes to keep your pet's fur smooth and clean longer. Leave-in sprays will make brushing easier, and some even provide UV protection.


Perfect Coat Clear Choice Grooming Spray

  • Will help you get rid of mats and tangles
  • Can be used on wet or dry coats
  • Perfect for use in between baths

Bio-Groom Anytime Leave In Conditioner Spray

  • Light and non-greasy
  • Aids in brushing by removing tangles
  • Special formula with chamomile and UV protection

Ear Cleaners and Wipes

You may not think much about the insides of your pet's ears, but cleaning and removing debris can greatly reduce their risk for ear infection or mites. Ear cleaners can even reduce odors and remove excess ear wax.


Four Paws Ear Wash

  • Cleans and removes odor-causing ear wax
  • For both cats and dogs
  • Won't irritate your pet's skin

Epi-Otic Ear Cleanser for Dogs and Cats

  • Can be used to clean ears of pets with ear infections
  • Prevents buildup of bacteria and yeast
  • Non-irritating

Four Paws Ear Wipes for Dogs and Cats

  • Will clean ears and prevent ear mites
  • Safely remove debris and stains

Eye Wipes

If your pet produces excess tears, tear stains can form under their eyes. You can get your pet back to looking their best with simple wipes that will remove the stains. Even if your pet doesn't have excess tears, eye wipes can help prevent eye infections if used to remove dirt or debris from around your pet's eyes after digging or playing outside.

8in1 Excel Eye Wipes

  • Safely remove tear and saliva stains from your pet's coat
  • Non-irritating formula
  • For both cats and dogs

Four Paws Eye Wipes for Dogs and Cats

  • Removes eye stains with a single wipe
  • Can be used frequenly to prevent staining

Don't let all the options out there for grooming dogs and cats overwhelm you--try some of these suggestions and see how fun bath time can be.

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