How to Clean Cocker Spaniel Eyes

How to Clean Cocker Spaniel Eyes

Cocker Spaniels require regular eye maintenance in order to prevent stains. Learn how to maintain your Cocker Spaniel's eyes here.

Cocker Spaniels require frequent grooming to keep them looking their best. Because their eyes tend to tear more than other breeds, your Cocker Spaniel requires regular eye cleanings every week or so to prevent stains from forming around them. Cleaning also prevents bacterial eye infections from developing. This infections can lead to more serious eye conditions, such as cherry eye, a genetic disease that this breed is more prone to than others, according to PetMD. If, while cleaning your dog's eyes, you notice signs of infection, including discolored discharge or redness, bring your dog to a veterinarian for treatment.

Step 1

Moisten a cotton ball with a sterile saline solution. Use a veterinary saline solution or pet eye wash. There are also sterile saline pre-moistened dog eye cleaning pads you can use to quickly clean away debris from the eyes.

Step 2

Wipe each eye with a separate cotton ball or eye wipe from the inner corners outward. Use gentle strokes and completely clean the corners of the eyes where stains tend to form.

Step 3

Clean away stains using special pet eye wipes. These pre-moistened small pads contain dog-safe bleaching ingredients like boric acid, which help to remove stains and bacteria from around the eyes. They may also contain soothing ingredients, like aloe vera, to condition the fur. Avoid contact with the inside of the eyes when using these wipes.

Step 4

Comb out any dried eye discharge that didn't wipe away using a flea comb. Carefully use the comb around the eye area without touching the inside of the eye with it.

Step 5

Trim away any hairs that could get into your dog's eyes and irritate them with a pair of blunt-tipped scissors. Wipe away the hair with a damp wash cloth.

Tips & Warnings

  • Prevent staining by wiping your cocker spaniel's eyes daily with a damp tissue or wash cloth.

  • Before bathing your cocker spaniel, apply an ophthalmic ointment to your dog's eyes to prevent them from becoming irritated by the soap and water.

  • If you Cocker Spaniel has a reddish eye discharge, ask your vet or a groomer about over-the-counter oral preparations for this purpose. It takes about four weeks to work but it works very well.

  • Always use a separate cotton ball or pre-moistened eye cleaning pad to clean each of your dog's eyes to avoid spreading a possible infection from one eye to the other.

  • Cocker Spaniels are prone to eye problems including entropion, cataracts, and glaucoma. Bring your dog to a veterinarian for regular eye checkups, in addition to keeping their eyes clean.

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