Get Your Cheap Pet Supplies 10 Toys and Treats Under 3 Dollars

Get Your Cheap Pet Supplies

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Check out these 10 toys and treats under 3 dollars. Sometimes price indicates quality, but sometimes you just need an inexpensive toy for your pet to play with, or a treat to make them lick their lips. Here are a few that wont make you crack open that piggy bank.

Caring for pets can be an expensive commitment, and we certainly shouldn't go for every cheap for everything; there is an undeniable value in quality pet food or a trusted veterinarian. Sometimes, though, when the costs add up but you still want to treat your pet to a cute new toy or a tasty treat, you can still keep your eyes peeled for cheap pet supplies.

To make your bargain hunting a little easier, we've gathered 10 toys and treats that are highly affordable and will still bring tail wags and purrs to your pets.

Cat Toys and Treats


Crazy Cluster Ball Cat Toy

  • These colorful toys have a unique lobed shape which means they bounce unpredictably
  • Your kitty will love trying to guess where they'll bounce next
  • Made of durable, non-toxic rubber
  • $1.99!


Lattice Balls with Bell Cat Toys

  • The tantalizing bells inside these balls will entertain your kitty to no end
  • Great for interactive play--roll them across the floor and watch your cat react!
  • Get four toys for just $1.99!


Kookamunga Krazee Kitty Premium Catnip

  • This 100% natural catnip is irresistible to cats, and is made with only the choice leaves
  • Hide some in your cat's favorite stuffed mouse or toy, or spread over their scratching post
  • Sit back and watch the fun!
  • Only $1.99!


Greenies Feline Over Roasted Chicken Flavor

  • These treats pack a health surprise -- they're formulated specifically for dental health
  • The crunchy texture helps reduce plaque build up
  • Added vitamins and minerals for a healthy boost
  • Only $2.45!

Dog Toys and Treats


Booda Fresh Floss Spearmint Dog Toy

  • Helps with your dog's dental hygiene while you play
  • Rope toy cleans teeth and gums
  • Contains fluoride and baking soda to freshen breath
  • $2.99


Multicolor Handle Rope Ball

  • Perfect for playing "tug of war," "keep away," and "what's yours is now mine, and what's mine is now covered in slobber"
  • Rope cords help to clean teeth as your dog plays
  • $2.99!


Nylabone Bacon Dog Bone

  • Made right here in the US.
  • 100% natural ingredients including real pork
  • High in protein and low in fat so your dog can snack all they want
  • $1.99!


Dingo Dental Sticks with Chicken

  • They clean teeth and freshen breath for a shiny smile
  • They contain baking soda for cleaning
  • Filled with real chicken, so your dog will love them
  • $1.99


Smart Bones Peanut Butter Dog Bone

  • Peanut butter, vegetable, and chicken flavors your dog will love
  • 99% digestible so as your dog gnaws and chews and slurps on it, you don't have to worry where all those pieces are going
  • 100% rawhide-free
  • $2.99

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Finding the Best Bargains for Petcare Supplies 

How to Save on Pet Essentials

Did you know that the lifetime cost of owning a dog is $15,000? And cats are not much cheaper, at $11,000. That is a considerable amount of money, but that number is not set in stone. There are a bunch of ways to spend less without putting your pet's well-being in jeopardy. A bit of savvy comparison shopping when buying petcare supplies can yield substantial savings.

How to Save on Food

There are plenty of gourmet options for pet food nowadays, and a lot of people are starting to become more conscious of what they are feeding their pets. All of that is great, but it is also an opportunity for some pet food manufacturers to squeeze extra dollars out of you. You should always give your pet a well-balanced, nutritious diet. You just don’t need to spend an arm and a leg to do so.

A good first step for saving on food is understanding exactly what goes into making quality pet food. Once you have that figured out, it becomes a matter of comparing prices. Make sure to check a number of different retailers, as certain brands may be more or less expensive at another store.

How to pay less for Litter

Cat litter is one absolute necessity on which you can spend a lot or a little. Clumping or non-clumping, all-natural or with crystals that absorb smells — there are so many choices! Before you start looking at prices, figure out what type of litter your cat will actually use. Those crystals don’t do much good if your cat is going to go in the hallway.

Once you find an option that works, consider what it is you want — is odor control important if the litter box is in the basement? How important is it to you that your cat litter is all-natural?

Once you have your type picked out, go around to pet stores, supermarkets, and mega-marts in your area and see how their prices match up to those online.

How to Find Toys for cheap

Another area where you can spend a ton of money is on toys for your pet. If you are so inclined, you can pick up various battery-operated, automatic toys that are sure to keep your pet engaged for hours — for a price. There are tons of different toy options, and like anything else, the most important thing is whether your pet will use it; saving $10 on a toy your dog won’t touch is still a waste of money.

Next, consider how long the toy will last. Sure, the hard rubber toys are a little more expensive than plushies, but if the plushie is going to get torn to shreds within an hour, it might be worth investing in a toy that will challenge your pet’s ability to destroy. Again, the final step is to look everywhere! A little bit of browsing could end up saving you a few dollars.

If all the toys seem too expensive, look around your house. There are tons of homemade pet toys that can be crafted out of things you probably just have laying around.

How to Find Treats on sale

Every pet deserves a treat now and then, so having a bag of treats in the cupboard is a must for any pet parent. And just like with pet food, the push for healthier options has yielded dozens of types of pet treats. What that means for you is that you have a lot to consider. There are treats that clean teeth, treats that keep them calm, treat for joint pain, all-natural treats, organic treats, and many more options.

Then make sure you're getting what you paid for. Take a look at the ingredients.

Finally, if you are so inclined, you can also cook up some delicious pet treats yourself! Take a look at our recipes and start saving even more money.

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