Dog Treat Recipes Ideas for Baking and Cooking for Your Dog

Dog Treat Recipes
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Just like for us, the proper fuel makes our pets feel better all over. Here are some recipe ideas for dog treats to help with everything from tummy upsets to celebrating your dog's special birthday.

It’s no surprise that you feel sluggish after chowing down on a cheeseburger and fries. Food is essentially fuel for our bodies and it can change the way we feel, think, and function. The same goes for our furry friends. Giving your dog proper nutrients has endless benefits -- from their appearance to energy levels and even their lifespan. That's why we've put together these dog treat recipes.

While there are a wide variety of healthy and hearty commercial pet food and treat options on the market, sometimes taking to your own kitchen is the way to go. For that picky eater, there are a  variety of quick and simple recipes that will give your pup a little extra pep in their step.

There is no rhyme or reason as to why some dogs simply turn their noses up at standard dog food. This can be frustrating as a pet parent and before you know, it is easy to fall victim to simply adding last night’s leftovers to the top of your dog’s dry food to trick them into nourishment. While a table scrap here or there won’t hurt, a daily routine of rich human food can have a serious negative impact on your dog’s digestive system and overall health.

A healthy homemade treat on the side, we have just the thing to rekindle your dog's love of food. If you're planning on making your dog's food every day, you'll want to talk to your veterinarian about finding the right diet for your dog, and making sure all the right nutrients get included in the proper amounts.

Here is a handful of kitchen-friendly, human-food recipes designed to get your pup out of a rut. 

While you're gathering ingredients, it's important to note a few foods that your dog should never eat including chocolate, grapes, raisins, garlic, onions, macadamia nuts, green tomatoes, and large amounts of avocado.

Dog Treat Recipes

For the Picky Eater
The Bone Strength Booster
A Little Something for Digestive Distress
Scrumptious Salmon for a Healthy Skin and Coat
An After-Dinner Snack for Doggies with Diabetes
The Birthday Bakery: Doggie Peanut Butter and Carrot Cake

Safe Foods for Dogs

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Great Dog Foods

Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream All Natural Dog Food
Wellness Core Grain Free Original Formula
Canidae All Life Stages Formula Dry Dog Food
Natural Balance L.I.D - Limited Ingredients Diets
Halo Spot's Stew Wholesome Chicken Adult Dog Food
Nature's Variety Instinct Grain Free Lamb Canned Dog Food
Merrick 5-Star Canned Dog Food

This information is for informational purposes only and is not meant as a substitute for the professional advice of, or diagnosis or treatment by, your veterinarian. It has however been reviewed for accuracy by Dr. Joe, a board certified veterinary nutritionist and graduate of Cornell University's program for Veterinary Medicine.

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