How To Strengthen Your Dogโ€™s Bones

How To Strengthen Your Dogโ€™s Bones

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Bones are what connects our body together. It is the same case for dogs. Dogs are usually the picture of resilience but when it comes to bone strength, they are capable of being weak. Dogs require the same number of things that humans need in order to build bone strength. These things are vitamin D, phosphorus, calcium, and exercise.Your dogโ€™s diet should be rich in the above-mentioned things in order to guarantee bone health. Here are a few signs to recognize whether your dog needs extra help strengthening his bones.

Signs Of Weaknessย 
  1. Your dogโ€™s legs are collapsing.
  2. Your dog shows an unwillingness to complete his daily walks or run for a prolonged time.
  3. Your dog is howling, barking, or crying unusually.
  4. Your dog refuses to or is unable to walk up and down the stairs.
  5. Your dogโ€™s back legs are trembling or shaking.
  6. Your dogโ€™s unable to jump off of and onto furniture.

Here are a few ways to develop stronger bones for your dogs.

  1. High-Quality Commercial FoodSometimes we tend to compromise on the quality because of the cost. In order to build stronger bones, your dog needs a stronger diet plan. You have to meet your dogโ€™s nutritional needs. Buy a balanced dog food that contains equal parts of vitamin D, calcium, phosphorus, and other important macronutrients. Commercial dog foods are specially designed to provide your dog with the nutrition that he needs.
  2. Consult A Veterinary Nutritionist.Preparing a meal for your dog can be difficult. Mainly because there are certain things that a dog just cannot eat. Itโ€™s also time-consuming and can be costly. The danger in home-cooked meals for your dog is that the meal that youโ€™re preparing may not include all the nutrients that he needs. Itโ€™s better to get a professional opinion on your dog food recipes than to just blindly assume that youโ€™re doing the best for your dog.
  3. Beware of Obesity.Dogs that suffer from obesity due to overeating are likelier to have joint pains than other healthy dogs. Overeating is a serious health hazard when it comes to our dogs. It causes a growth spurt and this may lead to additional problems. Along with keeping a tight ship when it comes to diet and not overfeeding your dog, remember to weigh him at least once a week to make sure that there is no cause for concern.
  4. ExerciseExercise is the most important step! Donโ€™t push your dogs. Find a consistent rhythm in his exercise regime. Itโ€™s bad to overexercise your dog because this can wear out the bones in their legs. Find moderation.
  5. SupplementsWhile most supplements are harmful, some can have healthy effects on your dog. Omega-3 supplements provide fatty acids necessary for growth. Another supplement you could try out is the Boneo Canine supplement. It contains lactoferrin and directly addresses the weakness in your dogโ€™s bones.
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