Products for Man’s Best Friend: How to Express Your Gratitude To Your Dog Your dog deserves as much love as you can give. Are you doing enough?

Products for Man’s Best Friend: How to Express Your Gratitude To Your Dog

Showing gratitude to your pet is an essential part of the companionship journey. Spending quality time is a good start, but you can make a difference by investing in a few products for extra TLC. Here’s a list of products worth investing in as a loving dog parent.

Pet companionship is popular worldwide, with dogs being the most popular pets for people looking for a furry friend. Statistics show that 33% (one in three people) of the global population owns a canine companion. In the US, nearly 65.1 million U.S. households adopt a dog, making it the number one pet in the country. 

The reputation is well-deserved because most dog parents consider these animals to be “man’s best friend.” An article published in Fox2 News narrates the legend of a dog called Old Drum, the official historical dog of the state of Missouri. The tale of Old Drum dates back to 1869, when the dog was shot down by a man called Samuel “Dick” Ferguson on the orders of his uncle, Hornsby.

Old Drum’s owner, Charles Burden, a neighbor and brother-in-law of Hornsby, sued the latter for his pet’s death. The trial went on for years, with Hornsby denying fault and Burden accusing him of tampering with evidence by removing bullets from his pet’s body and placing it by a creek nearby. Eventually, Burden was awarded a $50 judgment, and Old Drum monuments were placed along Big Creek and in the Missouri Supreme Court Building. 

The legend inspires dog lovers to go the extra mile to show their love and care toward their faithful friends. If you think you are not doing enough to express your gratitude toward your pet, here are a few products that can help you do it.

Offer a Palatable Treat

A recent article in The Atlantic highlights the popular concept of “gentle parenting” for raising kids punishment-free. A parallel shift is happening in the dog training field. Like children, dogs need understanding, not dominance. You must adopt positive reinforcement to train your canine friend well and inculcate discipline in it from the outset. 

Candace Rodriquez, a certified dog trainer, states that using positive reinforcement in canine training offers several benefits. These include fostering a positive environment, building a strong physical bond, and addressing behavioral issues without fear. However, you must understand your pet's motivations and tailor reinforcement to match its preferences for a positive dog training experience.

Most dog parents rely on palatable canine treats to reward their pets for being obedient and disciplined during training sessions. Treats are also a great way to show your love and gratitude toward your furry companion. Instead of feeding your pet from your plate, look for proven products that taste good, offer health benefits, and do not cause weight gain.

Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets Digestive Health Bites Dog Treats are excellent for digestive health as they contain natural prebiotic fiber. Your pet will love the delicious flavor and chewy texture of this product.  Since Purina is a reputable brand, you can trust these treats for high quality and health benefits. 

Go the Extra Mile with Canine Care

Pet care is big in the US, with Americans spending $136.8 billion on their pets in 2022, up nearly 11% from 2021. Yet many pet parents tend to get complacent with regular care and vet visits, making their furry companions prone to long-term health issues. Going the extra mile with medical care is another way to show that your dog is your best friend. 

Good preventative care is the key to canine well-being and longevity. Similarly, vitamins and supplements can prevent and address specific health issues. Research shows that glucosamine offers anti-inflammatory effects and regulates collagen synthesis in cartilage. It is an effective dietary supplement for dogs with osteoarthritis.

Synovi G3 Joint Health formula is an effective joint health supplement you can use to strengthen your dog’s bones and joints. Besides ingredients like glucosamine and Perna Canaliculus, this product has antioxidants such as Alpha Lipoic Acids, Vitamin E, and Omega-3 Fatty Acids. 

Before starting a supplement or medicine for your dog, check with your vet and seek recommendations for products and dosages. The gift of good health is the best thing you can give to express your gratitude to your pet. 

Plan Play Dates with Interactive Toys

Another way to show that you are grateful to your dog is by planning a favorite activity for them. Of course, you must spend quality time with your pet, but that’s just the beginning. Consider investing in interactive toys to ensure environmental enrichment (EE) for your furry buddy and build stronger bonds with it. 

A pilot study highlighted the positive effects of EE activities such as bonding, bubble machines, conspecific plays, interactive toys, stuffed food toys, playhouses, and tug play on dogs. These activities can boost the physical and psychological well-being of your pet, so ensure you provide enough opportunities.

KONG Squeezz Action Ball Dog Toy is an excellent interactive toy for entertaining your active dog. Your pet will love chasing after the wild bounce. The fun shapes of this toy make games of fetch way more enjoyable. The added squeakers make each squeeze delightful without posing safety risks to your canine companion. 

Pamper with Grooming Essentials

Unlike the popular belief, you need not take your pet to a groomer every month to ensure it looks its best. You can pamper it at home, provided you are ready to commit time and effort to a grooming session. That’s a great way to show how much you love doing something for your furry friend. 

According to Kathy Gant, she brushed her Shih Tzu daily and bathed it about once a month. She made a little top knot above her dog’s brow to keep the fur out of its eyes. Some people may not feel comfortable working with long hair, so they can take their pet to a groomer.

The good thing about pet grooming at home is that you get to spend quality time for better bonding with your dog. Additionally, grooming essentials cost only a fraction of spa visits, saving you thousands in the long run. The average cost of a grooming session is $50, and your dog needs hundreds of them during its lifetime.

Grooming tools like Safari Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush and JW Gripsoft Slicker Brush cost a few dollars and last for years. Similarly, you can stock up on skin-safe shampoos, wipes, dental care, shed control, and odor control products to make your pet look good and feel clean. Even if you need to spend a bit on these products initially, they last long and give the best results.

Create a Safe and Comfortable Space

Nothing matters more than creating a safe and comfortable space for your pet when it comes to expressing your gratitude. Your home may abound with threats to your dog’s safety, from household chemicals to toxic foods, fall risks, and outdoor accidents. The last thing you want is for your furry friend to sustain an accident.

Dog-proofing your home is simple and involves cost-effective measures such as installing gates and barriers. Also, ensure placing chemicals out of reach and avoid feeding human foods to pets. A snoozy, soft pet bed and a cozy blanket give your dog a comfortable space to sleep and rest.

You can bring home a Petmate Classic Vari Kennel if your pet is a regular travel buddy. This product can be secured in your car’s seat, keeping your dog snug, comfortable, and safe during long rides on rough roads. The vents on its side walls ensure that your pet does not feel confined inside it, even through long hours of the journey.

In conclusion, dogs are indeed the best friends of their parents, and they deserve all the love and care. A pet parent should do their bit to express their gratitude to their furry companion, no matter how much expense and effort it takes. Fortunately, it is easier than you imagine, as these products and ideas can keep your furry buddy happy and comfortable. When it comes to your pet, you should not cut corners!

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