How To Spend Quality Time With Your Pets

How To Spend Quality Time With Your Pets

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Peeved with the way your busy schedule is coming in way of spending quality time with your pet? Your four (or two) legged pals deserve much more than an occasional pat on the back. By figuring out smart ways of sneaking in some quality time with your pets, you can yet have the best of both worlds. Involving close friends or family in the process can help on days when you simply do not have time to spare!Here are some ideas to bond smart with your pets:

  1. Walk in the park: If you have the manโ€™s best friend as your pet, nothing is better than scheduling a brisk walk or a jog in the park together. Exercise is mandatory for everyone and while you sweat it out, why not give your pet the benefit of exercise too! Canines need plenty of aerobic activity to stay fit and ward off diseases. Experts believe they need at least 60 minutes of vigorous exercise and plenty of sunshine, every day. Breeds such as Labrador retrievers, hounds, and shepherds need this more than smaller dogs. The walk or run helps keep boredom away as well, as a bored dog does end up with behaviour issues.
  2. Go for a long drive! Many dogs love car rides. It could just be the best way to bond since there is nothing else between you and your pet dog. Maybe you could talk to your buddy and get some encouraging woofs in return! Alone time with your dog is the best therapy for depression and boredom! And the dog gets your undivided attention as well.
  3. Vacation with your dog: Plan your vacations to places which are dog friendly. Take your dog along with you for these fun trips. If it is a beach you are heading to, then nothing could be better for your dog! Playing fetch or just frolicking around in the sand is a treat for your pet, and you!
  4. Do errands together: If your neighbourhood has dog friendly departmental stores or shopping areas, take your dog with you whilst you shop. Picking up kids or driving to the dentist can seem less like a chore with your adorable pet accompanying you. You can get some downtime while you are at it.
  5. Wash dishes or clean with your pet: Your dog may be the best (and sometimes, the only!) living being with great listening skills. While you wash away or vacuum, talk up to your dog. The interaction helps you calm down and feel good too, no matter how hard your day was. Studies show that pets help lower blood pressure and levels of stress hormones.
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