Best Tips to Ensure Your Dogโ€™s Dental Hygiene

Best Tips to Ensure Your Dogโ€™s Dental Hygiene

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Weโ€™ve all heard of how a dogโ€™s mouth is cleaner than a humanโ€™s. Yes, dogs are at lesser risk of developing cavities than their owners. However, oral and dental complaints in a dog can spiral into much graver health risks which can impact the functioning of other vital organs like the heart, kidney and liver. No dog parent wants their son/daughter to go through that. So, what is the solution? Well, here are some dental tips for your doggy which will keep your dogโ€™s teeth clean and healthy โ€“

  • Brush their teeth as often as you can โ€“ Dentists recommend brushing their teeth daily. It is understandable how this may not be possible. But do make sure that you brush your dogโ€™s teeth as often as you can to prevent a buildup of food and bacteria which may cause infections, plaque or gum irritation.
  • Pick dry food over soft food โ€“ Soft food is prone to sticking to their teeth and leading to decay. Meat, fruits and vegetables are good whole food options which will not only make your dogโ€™s teeth stronger but also much easier to clean.
  • Provide a soft chew toy for them โ€“ If you give them a hard bone, they may injure their teeth. A soft chew makes for a better alternative. It will clean away bits of food from their mouth and is healthier for their teeth and gums.
  • Choose the right tooth paste โ€“ Never use your toothpaste on your dog. It contains fluoride and is harmful for your dogs. They also produce froth which the dog may swallow. Pick a toothpaste i.e. specially formulated for your four-legged friend, from a good pet store.
  • Visit the vet โ€“ Atleast, make an annual appointment with the pet to have your dogโ€™s teeth examined. You will be preventing any forthcoming risk of bacterial infection this way.
  • Chew bones made of starches are a strict no-no โ€“ Chew bones made of corn, potato or rice flours are much more stickier than the variants made from vegetables or dried meat. So stay away from commercial chew bones whenever possible.
  • Look out for warning signs โ€“ If you notice bad breath, excessive drooling, depression, misaligned teeth, bumps within the mouth, red/swollen gums, a change in their regular chewing habit, crust along their gum line โ€“ take your dog to the vet. It may be sign of a dental problem.

Dogs need dental health care as much as humans. While their oral hygiene may be better in comparison to humans, it cannot be denied that the implication of bad oral hygiene for them is much more dangerous. Follow the tips provided above to ensure your dog maintains good dental hygiene.

Why Using Dog Dental Chews Improves Tooth Health 

Chewing does the body good if youโ€™re a dog. In fact, well-constructed chew toys and appropriate dental snacks can offer an extra line of defense for your petโ€™s oral health and overall well being. These should not take the place of brushing, which is the most powerful tool you have to fight plaque and periodontal disease. However, according to the American Animal Hospital Association, gnawing on dog dental chews can effectively reduce plaque in your dogโ€™s mouth.

Keep in mind that not all chews are created equally. Hereโ€™s what to consider when choosing chews to strengthen your dogโ€™s teeth.

Offer a Safe Bone

You might assume domesticated dogs would enjoy chomping on real bones, just like canines in the wild, but natural dried bones and cow hooves could be dangerous. The American Veterinary Dental College warns that these types of chews can cause fractured teeth. Rawhide bones, then, offer a good alternative.

Raw Hide Bones, made from the hides of cows or horses, let your dog have the full enjoyment of chomping and tearing away at something, but thereโ€™s less risk of injury with these manmade bones. Chewing on them helps clean teeth, plus, they often include anti-tartar agents. If your dog needs some encouragement try Dingo Mini Bone that has hidden meat in the middle.

Rawhide bones come in a variety of types to match your petโ€™s chewing preferences. For example, forceful chewers might do well with Rawhide Natural Pressed Bones, which are extremely dense and durable. However, if you are looking for something that's a little bit more gentle then Tuffy Jr's Bone can be a good pick.

Make it Fun

For a chew to effectively help your dog stay healthy, it has to be used โ€“ which means your pet has to love it. There are a wide variety of products that turn playtime into teeth-strengthening time. Petstages Dental Chew Rope is a cotton rope with textures that massage your dogโ€™s gums and help remove tartar buildup. Itโ€™s also fun! You can play tug with dogs as they chew on those tartar-fighting knots.

Kong toys, which stand among dogsโ€™ favorite playthings, provide hours of chewing fun and teeth cleaning. The Kong Dental Stick is perfect for a game of fetch or a wild chew session, but itโ€™s also designed with special ridges that reduce plaque and gently condition gums.

Squeaky dog toys such as JW iSqueak Bone, which are made from non-toxic rubber can also be a great choice. The squeaky sound keeps the dog interested while the rubber cleans the teeth and removes tartar.

The Nylabone Dental Dinosaur Dog Chew is another example of a non-edible chew that is fun to play with and effective at helping keep teeth healthy. The dinosaur shape is contoured to reach the deep corners of your dogโ€™s mouth, targeting hard-to-remove plaque and tartar. The material is specially designed to stand up to aggressive biting and gnawing. Another poular dental chew is the TireBiter Bone that's made from natural rubber and generates a flossing action with every bite. As with all chew toys, you should supervise play with these non-edible chews to be sure your dog doesnโ€™t swallow or choke on a piece that unexpectedly splinters off.

Feed Your Pet While Cleaning Teeth

Eating can actually help clean teeth, but not eating just any kind of food. Choosing treats that are specially formulated to reduce buildup can be a great way to keep your dog healthy. Of course, you donโ€™t want to overfeed your dog and cause weight gain, which can be worse than tartar buildup. Greenies Weight Management Dental Treats allow you to help protect teeth while managing calorie intake. These treats have been awarded the VOHC Seal, a distinction that is given by the Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC) to products that meet high standards for reducing animal plaque or tartar. The organization is endorsed by the American Veterinary Dental College and other international organizations, and is a good source for recommendations on dental-friendly chews and treats.

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This information is for informational purposes only and is not meant as a substitute for the professional advice of, or diagnosis or treatment by, your veterinarian with respect to your pet. It has, however, been verified by a licensed veterinarian for accuracy.

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