The Ultimate Guide To Handle Weaning Puppies!


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Weaning is the time when puppies stop being dependent on their mother for food and nutrition. It starts at about 3-4 weeks after birth. As puppies grow they realize the importance of becoming independent and therefore look for a different source of nourishment. Weaning is a natural process and is seen in every animal. So, how do you handle puppies who are going through the process of weaning? Look at the following tips.

  1. Separate them from the motherStart by separating your puppies from their mother or vice-versa. Keep them at a short distance from the mother and observe their behavior. They will search for their mother but in most cases, they will try to adjust to the new environment.
  2. Give puppy foodIntroduce a pan filled with puppy food to the puppies. Observe if they like eating the food or not. Of course, make sure the food has been approved by a vet first. Some puppies will refrain from eating the food and itโ€™s quite natural for them to do so.
  3. Try a replacement milkThe weaning process may take some time and one of the best ways to ensure that the puppies are well-fed during that period is by giving them a replacement milk. A replacement milk should contain all the essential nutrients that a motherโ€™s milk has. It will keep the puppies nourished and also teach them to depend on other types of foods.
  4. Creating new eating schedulesAs puppies go through the weaning process, they become exposed to a new type of eating routine. It is therefore a good practice to create a schedule for the puppies where a balanced diet is provided instead of the motherโ€™s milk. Also, make sure that the food is given at a specific spot in the house, away from the mother.
  5. Encourage them to eatIt will be tough for puppies to adjust to the new life but it all works out when you encourage them to do it. If you feel that they are not eating the way they should, encourage them through games and entertainment. Make is fun so that they know itโ€™s something that they should do.

The weaning process is natural in animals and every baby goes through it. The transition from motherโ€™s milk to staple diet in puppies can take about 3-4 weeks. Introducing new food to the puppies can be one of the ways in which the weaning process can be fast-forwarded. Creating new eating schedules and encouraging them to eat also works well. Additionally, giving them food that has the same number of nutrients as the motherโ€™s milk ensures that the puppies are well-fed and nourished at the same time.

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