How Sean Casey Animal Rescue Took "No-Kill" Up A Notch

How Sean Casey Animal Rescue Took No-Kill Up A Notch

Animal welfare organizations are critical for saving the lives of neglected and abandoned pets, no matter the species. These charitable agencies can make the difference in animals' daily lives, providing them with warm shelters and healthy food for rehabilitation.

Sean Casey Animal Rescue

in Brooklyn, New York, specializes in a range of critters and promises to place them into the most suitable forever homes possible.

Who they aresean-casey-3

Wedged into a storefront on Windsor Terrace in Brooklyn, Sean Casey Animal Rescue (or SCAR)ย is a no-kill shelter that takes in roughly 150 animals per month from around the area. In fact, New York City Animal Care and Control drops all kinds of critters off nearly twice a day, including dogs, cats, snakes, birds, hamsters and other neglected pets.SCAR was founded in 1998 and quickly established itself as one of the few rescue groups to take in even the most difficult medical cases. Over the years, the community-based organization has helped pull more than 8,000 pets from animal care and control agencies. The shelter is also family-friendly, educating animal lovers about theย responsibilities of pet ownership. Through coordinated events and programs, SCAR teaches the public about respecting and coexisting with natural wildlife in New York City.During 2009, Sean Casey Animal Rescueย took in more than 2,000 animals from the city's shelter system, the majority of which were dogs and cats. The volunteers can always find room for neglected, injured or unwanted pets from private owners and zoos. Thanksย to SCAR's policy of open arms to all animals in need, the shelter often ends up looking after exotic species, like reptiles, who require expert care to be rehabilitated.

What they do

Sean Casey before his Today Show Appearance

Many shelters will only specialize in cats, dogs, and other easy-to-adopt critters. However, atย Sean Casey Animal Rescue people can come across domesticated rats, chattering parakeets,ย and even some rescued tortoises.According to The Awl, Sean Casey Animal Rescueย is

particularly known for working with pit bulls

, going so far as to be featured on Animal Planet and the Today Show.ย The unique organization assesses every animal that comes in to identify any serious health issues that may require immediate trips to the veterinarian. Given its reputation for providing swift and comprehensive pet care, SCAR often takes in pets who have been hit by cars or injured by other animals.After rehabilitating pets, Sean Casey Animal Rescueย helps place them into permanent homes with loving families. Its position within the community makes it one of the best shelters in the entirety of New York City.And now that they have partnered with


and out

Shelter Outreach Program

, they are giving homelessย pets a whole new brand of care and support.

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