Products to Stop a Cat from Scratching Gear for the Pet Parent of a Furniture-Ripping Cat

Products to Stop a Cat from Scratching

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If you have a cat who scratches everything--furniture, rugs, doors, and more--here are a few simple supplies to make your life easier, and keep your cat happy.

Your cat is a precocious and playful one, and you love them for it! Sometimes, though, you wish the arms of your couch didn’t look so shredded. You wonder if you’d trip less over the rug if the ends weren’t so frayed by kitty claws.

You’ve got a scratcher on your hands – a cat who likes to mark their favorite places as their own or who just loves the good ol’ stretching action they get from clawing away at your best furniture.

Well, fear not, fellow cat lover. We have just the things for getting your home back to tip-top shape.

Deterrent Sprays


These sprays use ingredients that cats dislike—to smell, to be near, and to have to lick off their paws. Spray them on and around no-scratch areas, and your cat will go elsewhere for their scratching fun.

No-Stay Furniture Spray for Cats

  • Trains your cat to stay away from the areas sprayed
  • All natural ingredients, with no harsh chemicals
  • Easy to use and effective

Time Out Training Spray

  • Training aid for cats and kittens
  • Can be used on wood, fabrics, furniture, shoes, plants, and more

Simple Solution Cat Repellent

  • Keeps pets away from forbidden areas
  • Safe to use on furniture, rugs, floors, and in the garden

4 Paws Keep Off Repellent

  • Works continuously for 12 to 24 hours
  • Safe to use on furniture and on shrubs, trees, flowers, and vegetable plants

Pet Organics No-Scratch

  • Trains cats not to scratch furniture, carpets, and drapes
  • Contains herbal essenses that discourage your cat from scratching



Make sure your cat has a healthy outlet for all that clawing energy! After you’ve marked no-zones with deterrent sprays, set out two or three yes-zones with inviting cat scratchers.

4 Paws Ski Slope Catnip Scratching Post

  • Clever, stable design
  • Two reversible scratching surfaces so it can stand up to lots of use
  • Comes with enticing catnip and extra catnip leaves

Cat-tachable Corrugated Scratcher with Catnip

  • Helps train cats and kittens to use specific toys for scratching
  • Attaches securely to cat scratch posts

Hanging Scratch Pad

  • Can be hung on door knobs to protect doors from scratching
  • Catnip treated carpeting will entice cats to scratch and play here
  • Durable and long-lasting

Nail Clippers


Cats scratch to remove the outer dead layer of their claws, among other reasons. Beat your cat to the chase and keep their nails trim and smooth, and they’ll have less reason to scratch – and no more sharp tips to do such damage.

4 Paws Cat Claw Clipper

  • Recommended by professional groomers
  • Stail steel edge makes clipping easy

JW Gripsoft Cat Nail Clipper

  • Made specifcally for cat's claws
  • Ergonomically correct for easy use
  • No-slip grip makes for safe nail trimming

Vista Cat Claw Scissors

  • Perfect for close-in work on small pets
  • Easy to use with one hand while gently holding your cat's paw in the othe

Hair Removers


A side effect of having a cat who’s always rubbing and scratching against your furniture or rugs is a lot of cat hair everywhere! Make the clean up easier with special pet hair removers.

4 Paws Magic Pet Hair Remover

  • Removes hair from pet beds, carpets, furniture, and more
  • Easily washable in soap and water

3 in 1 Pet Hair Remover

  • Multi-use hair removing tool and grooming brush
  • Rubber brush collects hair from beds, fabrics, and furniture
  • Specially shaped to help you get pet hair from hard to reach places
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