3 of the Most Effective Dog Depression Treatments Putting the Pep Back in Your Dog's Step

3 of the Most Effective Dog Depression Treatments

Dog depression can sometimes be difficult to spot, but it doesn't have to be hard to treat. If your dog is suffering from depression or anxiety-related issues, these top medications can help.

Dogs can get depressed just like people can. Sometimes, it's even for very similar reasons -- changes to routine like moving or bringing home a new family member, a death in the family, or less time for play with their pet parents. There are plenty of ways to address depression in your dog, including getting them established in a dependable routine and providing plenty of love. But when it's time to seek medical options, these medications are specially deigned to fight the doggie blues.

Depression in dogs can lead to anxiety-induced behaviors like being destructive, and even hurting themselves. Here are options for giving your pet relief.

Dog Depression Treatments and Medications



  • This antidepressant lessens anxiety in pets
  • Adjusts serotonin and norepinephrine levels to the right balance
  • Generic, and less expensive, alternative to Elavil


  • Doxepin treats several behavioral issues such as depression, noise phobia, and OCD
  • Can also help with skin conditions caused by anxiety
  • Works as an antihistamine as well, treating allergies


  • Eases compulsive disorders as well as depression, like tail chasing or constant licking
  • A generic alternative to Prozac
  • Treats panic disorders
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