20 Short Haired Dogs With Low Grooming Needs A Comprehensive List of Dogs Who Wonโ€™t Put the "Fur" in Furniture

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While looking for dogs who don't shed may having you barking up the wrong tree (since all dogs with fur shed at least a little), you might try your luck with a short haired dog that requires minimal grooming. These dogs are all low maintenance when it comes to brushing.

20 Amazing Short Haired Dog Breeds [Low Grooming Needs]

With long hair comes a longer list of responsibilities. Dogs with flowing mane look beautiful, but much like human hair, long doggie fur need constant care. If you are someone who cannot spare the time or effort to brush your dogโ€™s coat regularly then itโ€™s borderline cruelty to get a long-haired breed.

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to short haired dog breeds that need little to no grooming on a regular basis. Giving a dog a home is a wonderful experience. However, if you have ever had to sit down with one and brush out fur balls the size of tennis balls you are already familiar with the required grooming effort. This is why the most common concerns when getting a new dog is โ€œhow often do they need to be groomed?โ€ Well, it depends on the length of your dogโ€™s fur. For example, a short hair small dog would need much less grooming time compared to a large dog with thick and long hair. Short hair small dogs also need less food and can comfortably live in small apartments. For pet parents worried about long brushing sessions, here are some breeds of short hair dogs that can go for extended periods of time without the touch of a brush.

1. Italian Greyhound

This tiny, wispy breed is known for being calm, timid, and very easy to get along with. Their short coat requires minimal grooming, making this breed a good choice for anyone looking for a great companion but not a lot of work. One thing to note about this breed: be careful when handling them, as their frail bodies make them prone to injury.

Demeanor:Timid and Caring
Life Span:12 to 15 years
Level of Energy:High
Weight:1 to 15 lbs

2. Boston Terrier

A quintessentially American breed, the Boston Terrier makes for a perfect companion in nearly any setting. Great with kids, these dogs love to play for hours, and never get rough. Sturdily built for a tiny dog, these low maintenance pups are ideal for a growing family.

Demeanor:Loyal and Fun-Loving
Life Span:13 to 14 years
Level of Energy:Medium
Weight:10 to 25 lbs

3. Miniature Pinscher

A small dog in stature, this breed is nothing if not spirited and courageous. They are highly energetic, requiring a large amount of exercise and attention for optimal development. Thankfully, because of their petite size, exercise can be provided in the confines of your living room. With their short coat and minimal need for grooming, this breed is great for someone looking for a big dog personality without having big dog space.

Demeanor:Curious and Active
Life Span:13 to 14 years
Level of Energy:Very High
Weight:8 to 10 lbs

4. Harrier

This long time hunting dog has a short, low maintenance coat that makes them a clear choice for those averse to grooming, but want an energetic pup that will fall in line with the family/pack paradigm.

Demeanor:Friendly and Vocal
Life Span:12 to 15 years
Level of Energy:High
Weight:35 to 45 lbs

5. Dalmatian

The firehouse favorite, Dalmatians have a short, durable coat that won’t leave remnants all over your couch. While not a great fist-time-pet-parent dog, the Dalmatian is a sure fit in a home with some dedicated adults.

Demeanor:Active and Jolly
Life Span:12 to 14 years
Level of Energy:High
Weight:40 to 60 lbs

6. Whippet

Basically a shrunken down Greyhound, this breed has a sheer coat that only needs brushing on the odd occasion, making them some of the most low maintenance dogs around. Just be careful when playing, as their slender frame is easily injured.

Demeanor:Kind and Loyal
Life Span:12 to 14 years
Level of Energy:Medium
Weight:20 to 40 lbs

7. German Pinscher

The father of some of our favorite breeds, the German Pinscher is a smart, playful, and exceptionally loyal breed. Great for a growing family, this dog needs ample exercise and space to run, but as far as grooming is concerned, they couldn’t care less.

Demeanor:Courageous and Active
Life Span:12 to 14 years
Level of Energy:High
Weight:25 to 35 lbs

8. Basenji

A playful, well-tempered, loving dog, the Basenji is best suited in a home without little children or small pets, but they are quite an amicable breed. Thanks to a short, sturdy coat, the Basenji only needs to be brushed on rare occasions, making them a fur hater's dream come true.

Demeanor:Smart and Observant
Life Span:12 to 14 years
Level of Energy:High
Weight:20 to 24 lbs

9. Australian Kelpie

This live-wire of a breed is known for their boundless energy and friendly demeanor, especially toward kids. While they don’t always gel with other pets, the Kelpie makes for a great family pet, especially for those that don’t have time for routine brushings.

Demeanor:Hard-Working and Clever
Life Span:10 to 13 years
Level of Energy:Very High
Weight:31 to 46 lbs

10. Weimaraner

A kind and playful companion, this breed is great in a family setting, as they can switch between being playful with the kids, or just sitting by your feet as you crack open a good book. And with an easily manageable short coat, this dog takes little effort to keep them looking handsome as ever.

Demeanor:Courageous and Devoted
Life Span:10 to 13 Years
Level of Energy:Very High
Weight:55 to 90 lbs

11. Vizsla

An ancient hunting breed, this dog is a natural fit as a companion dog. Highly trainable, smart, and compassionate, if you take the time to train this dog, you are sure to get a high return on your investment. And with minimal grooming required, this breed is sure to make you and your furniture quite happy.

Demeanor:Hunts Instinctively and Loving
Life Span:10 to 14 years
Level of Energy:Medium
Weight:45 to 65 lbs

12. English Foxhound

Known for their boundless energy and friendly demeanor, this breed is a naturally independent breed, making them somewhat tough to train, but totally worth the effort. Their short, lustrous coat requires only the occasional once over with the brush, making them simple to keep looking fancy.

Demeanor:Free-Spirited and Caring
Life Span:10 to 13 years
Level of Energy:High
Weight:55 to 75 lbs

13. Boxer

Known for their flat faces and their loving disposition, Boxers are a great family dog, as they are extremely patient with even the youngest of children, and cooperative with other pets. Thanks to their easily manageable coat, these dogs are great for people that don’t have time for weekly grooming sessions.

Demeanor:Caring and Playful
Life Span:11 to 13 years
Level of Energy:Very High
Weight:50 to 80 lbs

14. Black & Tan Coonhound

Bred for their heightened ability to sniff out and hunt down raccoons, this dog is a natural hunting companion. A smart, loyal, and friendly dog, they are best in a house with strong willed adults, as they can be a little bit rough around the edges. And with their low-maintenance coats, this breed is definitely made to work.

Demeanor:Docile and Easy-Going
Life Span:11 to 12 years
Level of Energy:Low
Weight:55 to 75 lbs

15. Rottweiler

This mammoth breed is known for being a superb guard dog, but can also double as the biggest softies, being very even tempered and calm with children and other pets. Trained properly, this breed is loyal, friendly, and easy to groom.

Demeanor:Brave and Strong-Willed
Life Span:8 to 12 years
Level of Energy:Low
Weight:80 to 135lbs

16. Rhodesian Ridgeback

Originally a hunting dog, this breed is calm, kind, and obedient. Not always the best with small kids or pets, these dogs have some ingrained hunting traits that make them prone to rough play. However, with some training, these dogs are ideal for a couple without kids, especially if they don’t have time for routine brushing.

Demeanor:Serial-Sniffer and Loving
Life Span:10 to 12 years
Level of Energy:Medium
Weight:70 to 85 lbs

17. Neapolitan Mastiff

A descendant of the Mastiffs of Rome, this is a humongous breed that is known for being bright, calm, and protective. A hulking dog, they make for great guards, but are fine playing with kids as well. And with their short coat, the only grooming this dog is going to need is the occasional de-crudding of their meaty jowls.

Demeanor:Easy-Going and Strong-Willed
Life Span:8 to 10 years
Level of Energy:Low
Weight:110 to 150 lbs

18. Mastiff

Tipping the scales at around 200 pounds, this gentle giant is known for having a calm demeanor, except toward unwanted intruders, in which case they can chase them off with the best of ‘em. Great with kids, these dogs make awesome family pets, and because of their sheer coat, they only need to be brushed out occasionally.

Demeanor:Gentle and Calm
Life Span:9 to 11 years
Level of Energy:Very Low
Weight:175 to 190 lbs

19. Great Dane

Easily the largest domestic breed, this dog is known for being exceptionally easy going, but should still be trained early, as the sheer size of them is cause enough for some precaution. They are great with kids and other pets, and because of their short fur, they only need to be brushed once in a blue moon -- which is good since there is so much of them to brush!

Demeanor:Well-Behaved and Reliable
Life Span:7 to 9 years
Level of Energy:Low
Weight:110 to 180 lbs

20. Bloodhound

The quintessential scenthound, this breed is known as the ultimate hunting companion for their keen nose. They are also great with kids, to the point where children might need to be watched to make sure they aren’t being too rough. While they are laid back, they are also tricky to train, as getting them to do anything is a chore -- but at least you won’t have to worry about routine brushing, as their short fur is as low maintenance as it comes.

Demeanor:Peace-Loving and Independent
Life Span:10 to 12 years
Level of Energy:Medium
Weight:80 to 110 lbs

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