Mastiff Information, a Guide to the Gladiator Dog Why This War Hero Breed Makes a Loving Pet Today

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Giant Breed Hip Dysplasia Mastiff

Is the Mastiff right for you?

  • 1 Mastiffs are a large and potentially intimidating dog breed weighing in at over 150 pounds.
  • 2 Don't be put off by their size, Mastiffs are some of the calmest and most gentle dogs.
  • 3 Mastiffs don't beg for exercise like many dogs but require it for health nonetheless.


An ancient breed, the Mastiff has roots in many civilizations, from the Celts to the Romans, to the Egyptians, and the Babylonians. Used primarily as a tool for war, the Mastiff rode into battle alongside British soldiers thousands of years ago. They were used in the Roman Colosseum to fight gladiators. They were also used to protect farmers, guard homes, and as a work dog.

Quick Facts

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    Extra Large

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    Between 10 and 12 years

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    Hair Length


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    Male Height

    30 inches

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    Male Weight

    175-200 pounds

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    Female Height

    271/2 inches

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    Female Weight

    175-200 pounds

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    Litter Size

    Between 2 and 5 puppies


Courageous, affectionate, and faithful to their master, the Mastiff always loves to be in company, and is a good guard dog. However, the dog is not friendly with strangers and could become aggressive towards other dogs. Serene and patient, the Mastiff behaves extremely well with children and is easily trainable. If the dog is made to socialize as a puppy, they will be capable of behaving well with guests and will not act fiercely toward other dogs or pets..


Mastiffs can be fawn, apricot, or brindle.

Health Concerns

The common health problems which affect Mastiffs are:


A true behemoth, the Mastiff has a well-proportioned body and is about 30 inches high at the shoulders. The Mastiff has a heavy head, short muzzle, short hair, and flaunts a pretty combination of colors; dark brown, tan, or mixed. The dogโ€™s short coat comes in varied colors; fawn, apricot or brindle. The Mastiff has a heavy square head, dark and erect ears, small, brown eyes, a short muzzle, loose-hanging lips and a distinctive black mask around the eyes and nose.

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