The Guardian Giant Schnauzer Guide What Makes This Breed So Smart

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Is This Dog Right for You?

  • 1 Giant Schnauzers are most famous for their intelligent and loyal personality.
  • 2 Considered an excellent guard dog, the Giant Schnauzer has the ability to read their master easily.
  • 3 Giant Schnauzer puppies should be socialized early due to their territorial nature.


Originating from the Standard Schnauzer, the Giant Schnauzer is a cross between that, the Great Dane, and the Bouvier des Flandres. A staple in the German dog community, the Giant Schnauzer was bred to herd cattle and guard farms, and was eventually used as a police and military dog in WWI and WWII. They also excel at the German dog sport of Schutzhund.

Quick Facts

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    Extra Large

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    12-15 years

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    Hair Length


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    Male Height


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    Male Weight

    80 and 100lbs

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    Female Height


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    Female Weight

    60 and 80lbs

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    Litter Size

    5-8 puppies/litter


The Giant Schnauzer is a very smart, loyal, and calm working dog, but they may require steady socialization if you're not looking for them to guard your property or scare away strangers. They love exercise and performing a job, and will be incredibly loyal and protective of their family. They were bred for intelligence and a propensity to work..


Giant Schnauzers come in two colors, solid black and salt and pepper.

Health Concerns

The normal lifespan of the Giant Schnauzer is about 12โ€“15 years. Compared to other breeds, Giant Schnauzers are more susceptible to:


The breed has a square-built body with a strong and arched neck, large black nose, oval eyes, shaggy eyebrows and whiskers, and a docked tail. The Giant Schnauzer has a wiry outer coat and dense undercoat. An adult Giant Schnauzer is 23โ€“28 inches tall and weighs around 55โ€“80 pounds.

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