Weimaraner Information, A Noble Dog's Guide What This May Be the Perfect Breed For You

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Large Breed Hip Dysplasia Weimaraner

Is the Weimaraner Right For You?

  • 1 Weimaraners are friendly pets that are bred for great athletic capability.
  • 2 The short grey coat on Weimaraner dogs is unique and very easy to maintain.
  • 3 The big, fast, and intelligent dogs are all about exercise and being given problems to solve.


Sometime around the 17th century, the Weimaraner was first bred to be a great hunting dog, used to help hunt large game, although now they are predominantly used as bird dogs. Able to trace their roots back to the Bloodhound, this dog makes for an effective tracking dog, and an even better pointer. Widely known as the "silver ghost" because of their unique coloring, this dog has been the subject of a number of famous pieces of art, most notably being posed in people's clothing by famed photographer William Wegman. They were first recognized by the AKC in 1943.

Quick Facts

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    9 to 15 years

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    Hair Length


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    Male Height

    24-27 inches (61-69cm)

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    Male Weight

    55-70 pounds (25-32kg)

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    Female Height

    22-25 inches (56-63cm)

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    Female Weight

    50-65 pounds (23-29kg)

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    Litter Size

    Average of seven puppies


Weimaraners are smart, happy, and affectionate. They are great with children and are easy to train. However, despite their easy going disposition, if their training should get repetitive, this breed will get bored and stop taking directions. They require a firm, but gentle, hand when being trained and socialized, otherwise they may become difficult. If they are properly cared for, this breed makes for a kind, playful companion. .


Weimaraners can be brown, tan, blue, or grey.

Health Concerns

Weimaraners can be prone to:


Weimaraners are a medium to large sized dog with an athletic build. Their eyes, which can be amber, blue-grey, or grey, give them a thoughtful expression. Their diamond shaped ears droop down alongside their long and regal looking head. Their fur is short and smooth, and most commonly found in some shade of gray.

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