Rottweiler Information, Guide to a Majestic Protector Why This Breed Makes Such a Great Guard Dog

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Giant Breed Hip Dysplasia Elbow Dysplasia Panosteitis Rottweiler

Is the Rottweiler Right For You?

  • 1 Rottweilers are a solid and strong dog, sometimes misunderstood by society.
  • 2 Rottweilers are loyal, gentle, and even act silly with those they know.
  • 3 Rottweiler puppies must be trained in obedience to avoid incidents.
  • 4 The Rottweiler requires much exercise, and thrives when given a job.


Thought to be a descendent of the Italian Mastiff, the Rottweiler is named after their city of origin, Rottweil, Germany. Originally bred to assist cattle farmers with herding and guarding their livestock, this breed was almost extinct by the beginning of the 19th century. Thanks to the efforts of breeders from Stuttgart, this breed was saved from the brink and by 1907, there were two separate clubs for Rottweiler appreciation in Germany. In 1931, the Rottweiler was accepted by the AKC as an official breed.

Quick Facts

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    Extra Large

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    10-12 years

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    Hair Length


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    Male Height

    24 - 27 inches

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    Male Weight

    95 - 130 lbs

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    Female Height

    22 - 25 inches

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    Female Weight

    85 - 120 lbs

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    Litter Size

    Between 4 and 10 puppies per litter


Rottweilers are strong, brave, determined, and smart. However, they are also calm, and can be downright tender with their family. They are natural guard dogs, and may become over protective of their family if not socialized early. They are intelligent and easy to train, but this training should not be taken lightly, as they are enormous dogs and if left up to their own devices, can become quite destructive and dangerous. That being said, if they are well trained (which shouldnโ€™t be all that tough), they are some of the most loyal, dependable, and sweet dogs. .


The colorings available to a Rottweiler are fairly limited, allowing for only black with a tan-rust or mahogany markings.

Health Concerns

Rottweilers can suffer from:

  • hip dysplasia
  • elbow dysplasia
  • retinal problems
  • bloating
  • panosteitis

The Rottweiler is a massive animal. They have a large, dense, muscular body with a barrel chest and thick, powerful legs. Their head is large as well, with a wide space in between their ears, a short muzzle, and a wide, powerful mouth. Their tail is typically docked and the dewclaws on their rear legs are normally removed.

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