Your Complete Thanksgiving Cat and Dog Guide From Feasting to Festivities, A Pet Parent's Turkey Day Guide

Your Complete Thanksgiving Cat and Dog Guide

Thanksgiving is a time for eating too much, doing too little, and relaxing with our friends, families, and pets. But while we may accept the bigger waistline for the night as the price of a good Thanksgiving, dogs and cats are at risk for serious health hazards on Turkey Day. Here's how to steer clear.

Turkey Day is pretty much always a flurry of activity. Whether you start planning your shopping list and travel plans weeks in advance or only hours, there's always more to do than you first expected. For pet parents, the to-do list is even longer. Where do you leave your pets if you're traveling for Thanksgiving? How can you include them in the fun without endangering them?

Here are all the answers you'll need to plan a pet-centric Thanksgiving day.

Pet Thanksgiving Safety Tips for a Barkin’ Good Day

Safety is of the utmost importance to pet parents every day, but on Thanksgiving, a number of unique hazards come into play. Learn about turkey bones, turkey skins, sweet potatoes, and more -- which are safe for your pet, a what might send you on an unexpected trip to the vet.

Safely Share a Thanksgiving Meal with Your Pets

Cats and dogs are seasoned beggars, and they'll only amp up their game when the scents of turkey, gravy, butter, and more start swirling through the house. Learn which Thanksgiving foods are pet no-nos, which make for great pet snacks, and learn some tips on how to make a special treat for your cat or dog.

Thanksgiving Pets 101: The Cutest Costume Ideas and Tips

If your pet is a bit of a ham, there's nothing like a holiday to take advantage of their excellent profile. Take a look at these great costume options -- from the more involved to the two-minute do-it-yourselfer. Say cheese!

Your Thanksgiving List: 4 Things Every Pet Parent Needs on Turkey Day

Is your shopping list already a mile long? Brain too full to consider what your pets might need, too? Just print out this shopping list and you're good to go. From making sure your pets' IDs are up to date to treating your pet to some perfect toys, this list will have you covered.

Find Pet-Friendly Accommodations this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time to gather with family members near or far -- but if you are going far, you should have a plan for what you are going to do with the pets. Find out where to find the best dog sitters or how to take your pet on your road trip with you.

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