Pet Safety for the Holidays Infographic Tips on Keeping Your Pets Happy and Healthy this Holiday Season


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The holidays can get a little nuts with all of the shopping and visitors. All of this preparation and stress can make it easy to forget that your four legged friends find this time of year stressful as well. Here are a few things to consider when gearing up for the holidays in a home with pets.

The holidays are a frantic time of year—shopping for gifts, preparing for guests, and parties galore may take over your to-do list, leaving you little time to consider Fido and Fluffy’s safety. But did you know that sometimes what we may consider seasonal cheer could potentially put your pet in danger?

For tips on making your decorations and festivities pet safe while still keeping the season in full swing, check out our holiday pet safety infographic!

Pet Safety for the Holidays Infographic
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