Don't Forget: Your Pet Friendly Thanksgiving Shopping List



On Thanksgiving we eat a delicious meal, watch the parade, some football, and do it all with people we love -- but what about our pets?

Surrounded by the smells of savory foods and noisy people, this day can go one of two ways for our furry friends: theyโ€™ll either love it or hate it. Given that this is a day based around being thankful and kind, it makes sense to try to make sure your pets are safe and happy.

When you're at the store picking up your turkey and all the trimmings, grab these items to help make your Thanksgiving as pet-friendly as possible.

1. Treats

If you know that the smell of all that rich food is going to drive your pets nuts, perhaps a snack more species-appropriate can help quell their appetite for people food. A long-lasting treat like rawhide bone or a catnip mouse can keep their wet noses out of the gravy tureen for the better part of your holiday.

2. Travel Gear

If you are planning a trip to a friend or family member's place this year, and intend on bringing your pets along for the ride, make sure you have the right equipment for the trip -- bowls, food, andย medicationsย top the list. Sometimes it pays to have a special "go-kit" for your pet, full of everything they need, like a handy travel bowl.

3. A Comfy Crate

Obviously useful for travel, it can also double as a secure place where your pets can escape, should the party environment prove to be overwhelming for them.

4. I.D.

The stresses of large gatherings can actually result in pets running away. Should the worst happen and your pet bolts, it helps to know that they can be returned. Make sure your pet is properly tagged before taking them to any Thanksgiving celebration.

5. A New Toy

While the treats may help tide your pets over in terms of wanting a taste off the serving tray, it is hard to do better than a brand new toy -- something to toss around and play with, helping them keep their mind off of all the unusual faces and extra stimulation in the house.

With these items crossed off your list, your Thanksgiving celebration is guaranteed to go off without a hitch -- at least so far as your pets are concerned. Let's just hope all the guests are similarly cooperative!

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