Dogs and Jute Allergies


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Dogs suffer from jute allergies when the animals repeatedly get exposed to jute or any products that have jute as a component. Some dogs take rest on dog beds or rugs containing jute. If your dog is allergic to jute, then a number of symptoms will manifest themselves. The dog will be uncomfortable if it is afflicted with jute allergy.

Touch allergy

Observant dog owners can easily find out if their dogs are allergic to jute. The allergies will show themselves when the dog owner buys a new carpet for the house or any home product which the canine could touch. The jute allergies have multiple symptoms like skin itching, watery and itchy eyes, and even stomach irritation. The skin may also develop redness lesions; the canine may sneeze frequently. The paws of the dog will also be irritated and feel itchy.

It is to be mentioned that jute itself is of two species- one different from the other. The jute plant itself is a Tilliceae family member. The jute products find varied uses, from hard use burlap bags to backing of the area rugs. Some kinds of paper are also derived from jute. Only two jute species are relevant to the subject of this discussion: Corchorus capsularis and Corchorus olitorius. Dogs will suffer from jute allergies when they sniff or rub against any substance which contains jute. Jute may cause allergies due to four possibilities. The first reason could be the irritants from plant fibres getting into the dog's skin. The next reason could come from the dogs' smelling habit. There will be irriation from the plant fibres being inhaled. Allergies may also happen if the jute directly touches the dog's skin. There could be yet another cause of antibodies overreacting to the allergen.


Consult your veterinarian if you suspect your dog of being allergic to jute. The animal will show the preceding symptoms. When you take the dog to your veterinarian, the medical professional will ask you many questions like when did the symptoms begin and the number of symptoms you have found to occur. The veterinarian will take into account multiple factors like the season of the year, your home environment, and the food your dog eats. The last question would be asked to know whether the dog has started a new diet in a previous couple of days. Since it is the case of jute allergy, it would be more regarded as contact allergy than any environmental allergy. Not only you, but also the veterinarian would not be able to find out if not the timeline gets examined. The allergy could be caused by the purchase of a new rug or any other item like a dog toy.

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