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February is Pet Dental Health Month, in case you hadnโ€™t heard yet!For some, this may mean chasing your dog or cat around the house like a mad person with a toothbrush in one hand and a guide to proper brushing technique in the other. Well, take heart that despite any running or hiding, you are certainly doing your pet a favor by becoming more engaged in their dental care.But what would Pet Dental Health Month be without some effort on our part here at PetCareRx to make your dog or cat dental experience a little easier?So we got to thinking and then we got to price slashing and now weโ€™re here to share with you our special

Healthy Teeth February Deals

!ย With savings like this we figure we can help you make your petโ€™s dental care a priority.As the leader in pet information we would be remiss not to remind you of some of our most useful content as well. Check out

19 Products that Clean Cat and Dog Teeth

for ideas on the best dental gear for your pooch or kitty. Then donโ€™t forget to read up on the best tips and tricks for good dental care with

5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Dog's Dental Health

. And finally, wisen up on what happens if you donโ€™t brush their teeth and learn howย 

Dental Disease Affects Dogs and Cats

.Enjoy your pet's smile every day of the year! We're here to help.

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