What's Different in Frontline vs Frontline Plus? The Benefits of the New Frontline Plus

What's Different in Frontline vs Frontline Plus?
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Frontline was one of the top rated flea and tick protection products around, and then they came out with a product that offers even more protection, Frontline Plus. Find out more here.

When your cat or dog has fleas, you know how miserable it can be -- for both of you! Your pet scratches, whines, and can even harm themselves trying to relieve the itch. For these reasons, it’s important to get a handle on a flea situation as soon as you see evidence of their presence. A bit of prevention is a great idea, too. With products like Frontline and Frontline Plus for Cats and Dogs, prevention is easy.

Frontline improved upon its basic formula and now offers the updated product Frontline Plus exclusively, which offers even better flea and pest control. The main difference? The original product allowed larval pests to mature -- then once they were adult fleas, they would die and fall off your pet within a few days. Frontline Plus prevents maturation from the larval stage, for more complete protection.

The Original Frontline for Cats and Dogs

Frontline’s original formulation for parasite control featured a fast acting agent that kills adult fleas, lice, and ticks. Within 24 hours of application, this topical parasite control began to work, providing quick relief for cats and dogs.

Frontline was available in a once a month formula that was even water proof. Dogs who liked to swim would continue to be protected, as would pets who were bathed during the one month period.

Frontline Plus for Cats and Dogs

A few years after introducing Frontline for Cats and Dogs, the manufacturer, Meriel, improved the formulation with Frontline Plus. This product has now replaced Frontline on the market.

The primary improvement in Frontline Plus is the addition of an agent that interrupts the flea life cycle, not allowing larval fleas to develop into adult pests. At the same time, Frontline Plus continues to kill adult fleas within 24 hours of application. This provides complete protection to your pet from fleas, stopping these parasites at every stage.

Frontline Plus also continues to protect your cat or dog from other parasites including mites, chewing lice, and ticks. Given the serious diseases that ticks carry in most parts of the country, including Lyme disease, protection from these bugs is a high priority for pets.

Likewise, Frontline Plus for Dogs and Cats retains its waterproof capacity so that dogs who like to swim are covered for a full month after application and both cats and dogs continue to be protected after baths.

The age requirements for Frontline Plus are the same as they were for Frontline: a minimum of 7 weeks of age.

Talk to Your Vet about Parasite Control

Many topical parasite control medications, including Frontline Plus for Cat and Dogs, can only be purchased with a prescription from your vet. He or she will make sure that these medications are right for your pet and that they won’t interfere with any medical conditions your pet may be experiencing.

In addition, your vet can give you other tips for keeping fleas and other pests at bay, including the use of other commercial products like flea shampoos, sprays (like Frontline Spray), or natural agents like lavender oil. These alternative products and techniques may be especially welcome if you have a very young kitten or puppy with flea problems.

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