The Cat Breeds That Have Blue Eyes

The Cat Breeds That Have Blue Eyes

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Every cat lover knows just how fascinating feline eyes can be. Especially if your cat has blue eyes, they seem that much more mesmerizing. Itโ€™s so easy to get lost in their baby blue gaze; as they inspire a sense of mystery and elegance all at once.Even though blue eyes usually occur in cats with either white fur or point markings, they can also be found in cats with a different fur color across various breeds, in both genders. Let us take a look at some of the cat breeds which are blessed with glinting blue eyes.

  • Turkish AngoraAngoras are among the most ancient domestic cat breed sin the world. They originated from the Ankara region of Turkey and, today, they are among the rarest natural breeds in the world. Angoras with white fur and blue eyes are especially rare, and therefore, extremely expensive.
  • Ojos AzulesOjos Azules is a relatively new breed, believed to be originating from Poland and the United States. These cats are quite different and highly valued, because they have a gene which enables them to have blue eyes, but is not associated with any particular coat color or pattern. In other words, they can have blue eyes with all kinds of coats, even dark patterned ones.
  • SiameseSiamese are popularly known for their blue eyes. These cats are considered to be very intelligent and can even communicate with humans using their body language, and their frequent and loud meows.
  • RagdollRagdolls are called so because they have a very cuddly nature. They will easily lean onto anyone close to them and make themselves comfortable. Their fluffy appearance and enchanting blue eyes, coupled with their laid-back nature, have won many hearts.
  • BalineseBalinese cats are a result of long-haired mutation of the Siamese cat. With their striking blue eyes, long and lean body, and swift, graceful movements, they are named after the popular Bali dancers.
  • TonkineseThe Tonkinese cat โ€“ a mix of the Balinese and the Siamese โ€“ comes in twelve different colors and patterns. Whatโ€™s interesting is that each of these twelve kinds have different eyes in different shades of blue including aqua, yellow green and true blue.
  • Himalayan PersianThe Himalayan Persian, a mix of the Siamese (color pattern) and the Persian (huge and shiny coat) has beautiful blue eyes that stands out amongst its dark and light color pattern. They are affectionate and calm, making them an ideal feline friend for many.
  • SnowshoeA rare breed compared to others on this list, the Snowshoe traces back its roots to the Siamese. They have color point markings and elegant blue eyes, and make good companions since they are intelligent, affectionate and easy to train.
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