Meet the Sleek Snowshoe Cat How This Breed Came About

Small Breed Snowshoe

Is the Snowshoe good for you?

  • 1 Snowshoe cats, with their characteristic white paws, are about as friendly as cats can get.
  • 2 The Snowshoe cat is always searching for the party and loves to sing along to any noise.
  • 3 The short-haired Snowshoe does not require much in the way of grooming.


An offshoot first discovered in a litter of Siamese cats in the early 1960s, these white footed cats were then bred with Domestic Shorthairs exhibiting a tuxedo pattern, in the hopes of cultivating that white pawed pattern. Eventually, these cats developed the trademark white "V" on their muzzle, and like that the breed was born. They were first accepted as a championship breed in 1994.

Quick Facts

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    Medium, Large

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    Average of 12 years

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    Hair Length


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    Litter Size

    An average of 5 kittens

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    Male Weight

    9 - 12 pounds

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    Female Weight

    7 - 10 pounds


A fun-loving, affectionate, smart breed, the Snowshoe is kind of difficult to pin down. Some Snowshoes are shy, while others are downright bossy. Typically a talkative cat, the Snowshoe is good at letting their people know what it is they need. Inquisitive, these cats are good at figuring out how to get past closed doors or cabinets. They love to be around their people, and are good at training them to do what they want, so watch out!.


The Snowshoe has similar coloring to their Siamese brethren, but with the exception that their paws and nose are white, and they may have other patches of white.

Health Concerns

The average life-expectancy of the breed is 9โ€“15 years. No breed specific health problems are reported.


The Snowshoe is a medium-sized cat with a skinny, muscular build; large, ovular eyes; and tall, pointy ears. Their fur is medium to short in length, and they have trademark white markings on their paws and running up their nose. Snowshoe kittens are born white, but gradually darken until they are fully colored. Their body is long, and athletically built, making them quite nimble and quick, even for a cat.

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