Sign's Your Pet Has Heartworm Disease Prevent Before It Get's Worse

Sign's Your Pet Has Heartworm Disease

It is important to catch the early signs of heartworm disease. Take a trip to your vet and get your furry friend treatment in order to prevent serious health problems down the road.

Heartworm disease is a serious and potentially fatal condition that affects pets, especially dogs. It is caused by a parasite that lives in the heart and lungs of infected animals. Here's how to tell if your pet has heartworm disease.


Coughing: One of the most common symptoms of heartworm disease is a persistent cough, especially after exercise or excitement.


Fatigue: Pets with heartworm disease may tire easily and have decreased energy levels.


Loss of Appetite: Heartworm disease can cause pets to lose their appetite and lose weight.


Difficulty Breathing: Pets with heartworm disease may have trouble breathing and may pant excessively, especially during exercise.


Swollen Belly: In advanced cases, heartworm disease can cause fluid to build up in the abdomen, causing swelling.


Veterinarian Exam: The best way to tell if your pet has heartworm disease is to have them examined by a veterinarian. A blood test can confirm the diagnosis.


It is important to have your pet tested regularly for heartworm disease, especially if they live in areas where mosquitoes are prevalent. Early detection and treatment are key to preventing serious health problems and ensuring a long and healthy life for your pet.


By being aware of the symptoms and regularly visiting your veterinarian, you can help ensure that your pet stays healthy and free of heartworm disease.

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