Signs Your Cat Loves You

Signs Your Cat Loves You

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Are you sure your cat loves you? Kitties express love for their owners in multiple ways. Some of them are blatantly obvious, and others are subtle. You may have ignored them without realizing. The first sign of your cat actually loving you is that your kitty "gifts" you a lot of things. This can turn out to be yucky like the latest kill done by your cat. To your kitty, the dead animal is actually a present. Your cat is a natural hunter, and what it gifts you can be seen as a kind of offering. Do regard such horrible gifts as a love token.

Tummy flashing

You can see your cat flash its tummy. This is not normal behavior. Cats, like most animals in the natural realm, do not exhibit their stomachs just to everyone. In case you see your kitty rolling over and you see its fuzzy belly, it is a clear indication that the cat feels relaxed around you. The animal also feels protected and loved around you. This is why they make themselves defenseless around you by showing their tummies. Remembers that cats are not only cautious, but they are also full of pride, and the only reason they make themselves vulnerable around you is that they trust you completely.

If your cat head buts you, then it means the animal trusts you. This is a big step from the cat's side. When a cat does this, it actually deposits facial pheromones on you. These represent their feelings and make you your cat's property. The cat is leaving its scent on you for claiming you. Other than headbutting the cat may give you love bites. The animal will nibble you in a playful way. Although this could be painful, it is the animal's way of showing its affection towards you. This bite is a lot different than the bite, which causes bodily harm. It can tickle, or it may cause pain. Whatever it is, bear it.

Lingering and kneading

If your cat follows you or lingers around you, it means the animal loves you. Cats like to hover around things they are fond of. This is why they wrap themselves around your legs while you walk. They do not want to trip you but wants to be near you all the time. To you, it may seem that your kitty is aloof when you are near it. It is a bluff if the animal is always near you. That your cat loves you will be beyond doubt if the animal kneads you like as you are a pizza dough. This action is the love the cat developed when it was born and nursing from its mother. The cat gets pleasure from it,

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