All you need to know about American Bobtail feline breed

All you need to know about American Bobtail feline breed

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American Bobtail is a relatively new feline breed which was developed only in the late 1960s. The most distinctive feature of this breed is its bobbed tail. They are best-known for their bobbed tail and wild appearance. There is an urban legend that these cats got their bobtail as a result of cross-breeding between a tabby cat and wild bobcat. But the bobtail could just be a random mutation, rather than the result of such a mating.

Come in all shapes and sizes

They can grow to medium to large size. They usually have full and broad chests, slightly substantial hips and prominent shoulder blades. The bobbed tail would only grow to half the length of a normal catโ€™s tail. The eyes are usually almond shaped. The shape of their eyes gives them a hunting gaze which is usually identified with alertness. The color of their eyes usually varies with the color of their fur. They have prominent whisker pads, wide nose and strong jaws.Though the tail is small, it is usually visible on the back. They are relatively big and heavy cats. They can be short-haired or long-haired. These cats usually take two to three years to reach their fully-matured size. Usually, male cats are bigger than females. Thanks to the effort various breeders, bobtail cats are available in a lot of colors and categories these days.

The family guy

These cats are fun loving and moderately energetic. They are extremely interactive with their owners. They usually adjust to the conditions they are brought up in. They are usually friendly with dogs. They usually do not have any problem to play with young and energetic kids. They do not require much upkeep, unlike many other breeds.


Usual canine food doesnโ€™t go well with this breed. The excessive sugar present in canine food cannot be processed by a bobtail catโ€™s body. You canโ€™t feed it with a wide range of food items just because it is a part of your family. They need to eat a ton of meat for protein and fat. But still, keep a check on the food they eat and make sure they donโ€™t become obese. Other than checking its diet, you should ensure that they get their exercise in the form of activity.


These felines are largely independent. They donโ€™t require much human grooming. You will just have to brush them every now and then to keep them spotless. Showers are not advised unless those are absolutely necessary. As they are not susceptible to dental issues, brushing them once a week would be fine. Make sure you clip their nails often.

Fun fact: the shrink

As these cats can be extremely close to their owners, they are used in psychotherapy as well.

How suitable is the American Wirehair cat breed for you?

The personality of the American Wirehair cat bears no relation to its name. The feline is tolerant and calm. It has a positive approach towards life, with favorite activity mostly confined to sitting on a sunny windowsill, watching birds. This does not mean it is a sedentary animal. Far from it. The American Wirehair is adept at hunting insects if the latter enter your house.

Social kitty

If your American Wirehair knows you and your family members from the time it was a kitten, you will enjoy an extremely sociable cat. This species is adept at interacting with guests. This kitty, which can weigh anywhere from six pounds to 11 pounds makes a good choice for families having older children. This is as the kitty likes to be handled respectfully, which the younger children may not give. Yes, this breed is compatible with dogs if they are present in the house.When it comes to physical prowess, the American Wirehair could be described as a medium-sized feline. This cat species has pronounced muscles. Bones are prominent and feel heavy when picked up. The chest is a broad one, below a muscular neck. The jaws are strong and the cat has a well-developed muzzle. All body parts are developed. It looks a lot like an old ancestral cat. The coat texture is hard as it protects the body Crimping makes it harder.

Pleasant and affectionate

The American Wirehair cat makes for a pleasant companion. It is a placid animal and will soon attach to every member of the household. Although it loves to play, there is no need to provide hourly attention. In case it is in a particularly playful mood, it will bring a toy doll and place the same in front of you. This cat can also play by herself and makes for an excellent companion for single individuals.If you bring home an American Whitehair, it is important to carefully control all her nutrition needs. It is vital that she continues to keep a certain, healthy weight. The animal should not get fat. Instinctive play will ensure that the cat continues to be in excellent shape. It must be exercised regularly. The feline should be brushed every day. Include this activity in its playtime. The coat of American Whitehair has three fur layers and thus brushing it is not a problem. However, you must be careful as not to break the hairs.The American Wirehair has no problem being left alone. Although it is an affectionate animal, the feline can also spend its days by simply sleeping and soaking up the sun. This breed is calm and is best for people who want a quiet and wonderful companion.

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