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Cats have this unique charm in them that attracts us to them even when they are doing nothing. They give out a vibe that calls for attention. There are so many different breeds of cats, some big, some small, some common, some rare, that itโ€™s just not easy listing them all at once. Every cat breed is worth mentioning, but the few that make us go aww are the smallest cat breeds in the world. These cats grow up to remain tiny their whole life!

Singapura Cat: With this breed of cats, you can rightfully say that great things come in small packages. This humble street cat from Singapore is extroverted, super-smart, inquisitive, friendly, and affectionate. It is the smallest breed of cats among the domestic cats which is rapidly increasing in popularity.

Munchkin Cat: The Munchkin cat has an average body like any other cat, a little smaller. Well, its not an average cat, for it has particularly short legs. As a result of a natural genetic mutation, these felines have distinctive short legs like Dachshunds. Despite the short legs, these cants cam move quickly, and they are very fun to be around. These cats do not let their short legs get in the way of fun!

Cornish Rex Cat: These cats are extremely intelligent and family-oriented. It is an unusually coated breed that is petit and playful and has a kitten-like appearance. It not only looks like a kitten but also acts like one. It has a slim muscled body and an egg-shaped head with huge wide-open ears. It has long tail and legs that make this feline breed look fragile.

Devon Rex Cat: This is one breed that is unique with unusually large ears and eyes, high cheekbones, with a slender body and long legs. Their striking deep eyes make them more attractive than any other breed.  It is a highly intelligent breed with a big personality. This feline breed can even be taught to do tricks like a dog and they make great companions.

American Curl Cat: Faithful and attentive are the two strong words to describe this cat which has made its way into the breeds of smallest cats. These adorable cats are famous for their signature ears that curl back into a unique arc. Though this breed of cats is not as talkative as the other feline breeds, they make up for it with their strong relationship that any pet owner will treasure forever.

Oriental Shorthair: This active breed of cats is related to the Siamese family and are nicely muscled. The most attractive feature of this breed is the beautiful almond-shaped eyes that are either blue or green. Oriental shorthair breed of cat loves to involve themselves in different activities. They are very entertaining and make a great companion. These cats are also susceptible and need a lot of love and attention.

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