How to Prevent Excessive Mounting and Masturbation in Your Dog


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If you feel that your dog might get aggressive if you prevent him from mounting other people, dogs or objects, don't do it. Consult with an animal behaviorist or veterinary behaviorist. If you cannot find a board certified behaviorist in your area, seek the help of a certified dog trainer, but make sure that the trainer has extensive experience in treating aggression.

Mounting in response to stress, during play or for sexual reasons
  • If your dog's mounting is infrequent (once a day) and does not bother you, other dogs or other people, you don't have to stop the behavior.
  • If your dog's masturbation or mounting bothers you, try to distract him. Try to get his attention before he starts masturbating or mounting. A lot of dogs display amorous behavior before they mount. So if your dog sneaks up to a person and begins to lick, pant, paw, whine or rub himself against them, he may start to hump. If you see any indicators of the aforementioned behavior, toss him a toy, give him a chewie, play a game or ask him to perform an obedience skill he has learned which he enjoys (down, sit, shake).
  • If your male dog is intact, you should consider neutering him. Although it might not stop him from masturbating or mounting, it reduces his sexual drive โ€“ especially if his behavior is set off by the presence of a female dog in heat. Similarly, if your female dog is intact, spay her. It will reduce her drive to hump other dogs, especially if she is in heat. Neutering or spaying your dog also has other benefits like the unwanted birth of puppies, and the prevention of medical problems such as testicular and mammary cancers.
  • Remember that dogs do not like to be humped. They will take offense and pick a fight. If your dog is hump-happy, teach him to leave the other dogs alone. Once you have successfully trained him to โ€œleave itโ€, make sure you reward his behavior with a treat.
  • Discouragement alone is not enough to prevent the re-occurrence of mounting. You need to do preventative training. Teach your dog a behavior that he can engage in instead of mounting when he is around people. Train your dog to lie down on cue for instance. Once your dog has calmed down, offer him some play time with his favorite toy. This will change his motivational state and remove his interest in humping. If the behavior happens in specific contexts, teach your dog to sit down whenever you are doing something that triggers it. Do not forget to reward him frequently.

If the behavior of your dog is compulsive and disrupts his normal life, get help from a qualified professional.

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