New Ordinance to Put Cap on Multi-Dog Homes

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While raising one pooch can be challenging enough, many families love having multiple dogs lounging around the house. But a South Carolina city has moved to place limits on the number of canines allowed in a single home.Greenville Online reported that in Easley, South Carolina, the city council provided initial approval for an ordinance that would set a cap to the

number of dogs owners can keep in their homes.

 The new maximum number would be set at five. The move comes after council members received complaints regarding a local household where residents claimed roughly 40 dogs were being sheltered.Two councilmen - Brian Garrison and Chris Mann - voted against the ordinance due to concerns about privacy and citing precedents for invasions of personal rights. The 5-2 vote will be reviewed again next month with the possibility of an amendment for extenuating circumstances, such as dogs that have litters. This would give owners a time limit to get the puppies out of the house.City officials stated that the council moved to limit the number of dogs in a residence due to the complaints, but also cited the lack of such laws being provided by the county or state.

Living in a multi-dog home

Although one canine can be fun, sometimes owners want to give their furry friends a playmate. While it can be tough to keep the peace at first, pet parents should know that their own personalities and behaviors will play important roles in creating a relaxing and rewarding

multi-dog home

.The Whole Dog Journal explained that because dogs are pack animals, having more than one in the household

requires owners to be vigilant in their position as leader

. For example, feeding multiple pooches can be challenging if they keep invading each other's space. To prevent this, feed the dogs separately either in different rooms or one at a time in the same area. Over time, they'll learn to only focus on their own bowls rather than running around to gorge on numerous servings.In addition, living in a

multi-dog home

can lead to some serious roughhousing during play time. It's important for owners to closely monitor playing early on so they become comfortable with calmly intervening and breaking up the session if it gets too aggressive. If one of their pooches becomes overly excited, he can be put in a crate for a time out until his energy level has dropped down.Owners should sign up for


 to gain access to discounted supplements and prescription medications that make raising multiple dogs easier than ever before.


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