Can Your Cat Kill You?

Can Your Cat Kill You?

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Well, this question may pinch the most loyal of pet-lovers. Itโ€™s next to impossible for some feline lovers to think that their furry friend may kill them. They may be wondering how these sweet, little balls of fur can take someoneโ€™s life. But in reality, cats are small predators that donโ€™t forget their predatory instincts even though they have been domesticated for years.

How are cats different from other domesticated animals?

If you have a cat, you may have seen that they like to have their own space. They are friendly, but they certainly donโ€™t crave for the attention as much as dogs do. Contrary to common notion where people think cats are cuddly, some research have termed them unstable and neurotic. Researchers from Bronx Zoo, New York and the University of Edinburgh, Scotland drew a comparison between domestic house cats and four types of wildcats. The researchers rated their behaviors on the basis of five human personality traits, which are:

  • Agreeableness
  • Extraversion
  • Neuroticism
  • Conscientiousness
  • Openness

The research found that domestic house cats share similar personality traits with African lions with high tendencies towards impulsiveness, dominance and neuroticism. Cats do certain things on a daily basis, such as being timid, being anxious, being aggressive, and being excitable. All these characteristics are common in lions also. In reality, anxiousness, insecurity, suspicion, and aggression are signs that cats may be plotting to kill you.

Signs that your cat is plotting your โ€œmurderโ€

While the above behavioral traits show the predatory side of cats, there are also certain acts of your feline that imply itโ€™s plotting to kill you. Here are few signs to look out for:

  • Kneading on you- While you may think that itโ€™s affection, your cat may be examining your internal organs to find signs of any weakness.
  • Excessive shoveling of the litter box, a feline practice of burying dead bodies.
  • The โ€œstaringโ€ competition. Try not to look away because the cat might think you are weak.
  • Bringing home dead animals.
  • Puking grass, a purging process that prepares the cat for a fight.
  • Lurking around in the dark, as if preparing for an ambush.
  • Pawing at your face while you sleep in an attempt to smother you.
Is it that bad?

Well, itโ€™s not that bad a news. Like lions, house cats can also be excitable, playful and hilarious. Itโ€™s just that you canโ€™t predict them. There will be moments when you cat loves it when you stroke its belly. But there will also be times when it will bite you to stop you. Although five different cat species were assessed during the research, researchers say that house cats are more like lions, which the most social of all cats. But relax if you have a feline at home. Thereโ€™s nothing to fear, as long as you keep it happy. Your cat can be a fantastic and sweet companion if you know what it likes and doesnโ€™t like.

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