Breed of the Month: 7 Reasons We Love French Bulldogs



This month, we are going gaga for French Bulldogs. Since February is home to Valentine's Day, a holiday dedicated to celebrating love, what breed would be a better fit? Hailing from the most romantic country on Earth, these tiny cuddle monsters are a regular lightning rod for affection.

If you donโ€™t know a lot about the French Bulldog, here are some of the top reasons we love this breed.

1. Expressive FacesExpressive-French-Bulldog-Blog

Dogs are generally pretty good at conveying their emotions with their face, but few breeds are as effective as the French Bulldog. They actually smile when they're happy! And when they are upset? You would be hard pressed to find a more distinct scowl in all of doggy-dom.

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2. Playful DemeanorPlayful-French-Bulldog-Blog

For a tiny dog, these pups are packed full of play. Many small dogs are too delicate to mess around with, but thanks to this breedโ€™s stocky build, you can take off the kid gloves and run them through the ringer a bit. And whatโ€™s better -- they love it!

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3. Those Big EarsEars-French-Bulldog-Blog

Oh my gosh -- those ears! Like two kites sitting atop their head, the ears of a French Bulldog are truly a thing to behold. Just hope that a big gust of wind doesn't come along and carry them away!

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4. Cute Wrinkleswrinkles-french-bulldog-blog

Have you ever seen a newborn puppy that also looks 85 years old?! You might think it would be strange, but in reality, the wrinkly features of the French Bulldog make for one of their most endearing characteristics.

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5. Funny PersonalityFunny-French-Bulldog-Blog

Not only are these dogs super playful, but when they do play, they do so hilariously. Like a rambunctious clown, these dogs will run around and play, and then without warning, just plop down, lay on their belly, and roll around with their toy. Watching a French Bulldog keep themselves occupied is an activity in itself.

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6. They Look Great in Clothesclothes-french-bulldog-blog

While you can put a sweater on any type of dog, few have the body type to truly pull it off. But the Frenchie? With those short legs and wide frame? They were practically built to wear the heck out of an outfit.

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7. Sloppy Kisseskisses-french-bulldog-blog

Not everyone appreciates a big, wet, sloppy kiss, but if you do, a French Bulldog would be more than happy to oblige. With their short, snub nose, loose jowls, and wide tongue, this breed is designed to be the ultimate smooching machine.

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