How Can You Tell If Your Cat Has Become a Part Of Your Family?

How Can You Tell If Your Cat Has Become a Part Of Your Family?

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Although cats are known for being indifferent and independent, they have their own ways of showing that they love you and need you. However, it is not very easy to tell if you donโ€™t know what to look for. Here are a few signs that your cat loves you and considers himself to be a part of your family:

  1. The touch to the forehead โ€“ This one might last just for a split second, but if you see your cat head bunting you or giving you a slight muzzle from the forehead to the chin, then it means that he completely trusts you and enjoys spending time around you.
  2. The kneader โ€“ You might have noticed this behavior in your cat umpteen times before and wondered what the hell it meant. The milk tread, or kneading, is when your cat relaxes his paws against any soft object. The gesture originated from when cats are young and they use it to stimulate the release of milk from their motherโ€™s teat. However, many cats retain this trait once they grow up and it is a sign that they are feeling content.
  3. The twitch of the tail โ€“ Not all tail twitches mean the same thing. It is true that cats tend to puff their tails out when they are scared or annoyed. But if you see your cat with his tail hoisted up midair with a slight twitch at the tip, it is a sign that she is showing you affection.
  4. The purr โ€“ The steady and rhythmic sounds your cat makes when he exhales or inhales is one of the most well-recognized signs of his contentment in your presence. A throaty purr from your cat means that he is more than happy to kick back, relax and enjoy your affection.
  5. Attention seeking โ€“ If your cat is growing frustrated by the constant entreaties for your attention from elsewhere, you can rest assured he will be sure to let you know. You will notice him cramming himself into your armโ€™s nook while sleeping or take a leisurely stroll on your laptop while you are working. These interruptions means that your cat loves you and is ready for all the extra affection he can get.
  6. Gift giving โ€“ When your cat brings a dead bird, mouse or some other animal to your doorstep, it can be quite gross. However, it also happens to be one of the most commonly encountered signs that indicate that your cat now considers you to be a part and parcel of his existence. Sharing prey is a very affectionate gesture as far as they are concerned. Just donโ€™t look directly at it.
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