Has Your Cat Become a Part Of Your Family?


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There is a myth among pet owners that cats look at them as nothing more than a means of obtaining


. While this is exaggerated, many owners truly believe that cats are independent and do not love you as much as their canine counterparts. Here are some signs that indicate your cat loves you and has become a part of the family:

  • Constant contact is one of the first signs that your cat loves you. It might just be nudging you with their heads, rubbing against your leg or simply jumping into your lap when you sit down. All of these means that your cat trusts you and owners of course love a little cuddle time with their cats.
  • Kneading is another major sign that your cat loves you. Kittens usually do it to their mothers and doing it to you or your family members show that it cares about you. Kneading is a sign that your cat is content and relaxed.
  • Purring is another sign that your cat is relaxed and is ready to be cuddled by you. It is instinctive and shows trust in you and other members of your family.
  • Much like humans, cats show their appreciation by giving gifts. Unlike humans however, cats tend to bring small dead animals, birds and other random objects from outside. These are meant as gifts and are a sign that your cat is trying to pamper you.
  • Seeking attention is another sign. Cats that interrupt your urgent work by standing on your laptop or crawling on you are trying to get you to play with them or cuddle them. Like toddlers, this is a base need and showcasing it means that your cat looks at you as a parent.
  • Cats make eye contact only with the people they like, It might be a little unsettling and even creepy sometimes but it's a way for you cat to watch over you or admire you.
  • Following you around the house, no matter where you try to go is a sign of cat love. Since cats are independent creatures, them following you around on their own is a big deal.
  • If your cat lies down on it's back and exposes it belly to you, it is the ultimate show of trust. It proves that your cat is willing to expose its weakest parts to you. It might just be asking for a belly rub but it's still a sign of love.
  • It is officially a part of the family when either your or cat starts changing your schedules to suit the needs of the other. Many cats learn when their owners get home from work and wait by the door for them.
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