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As the holiday approaches and you're out running around getting everyone their presents, don't forget to pick up a little something for that special feline in your life. Here are some great gift ideas you can buy or DIY this year for your cat.

As the holiday season approaches, don’t leave your cat out of the gift fun! This holiday gift guide provides cat gift ideas for all budgets. Read on for DIY and store-bought ways to spoil your pet or a cat-lover. Just be warned: the gift box and ribbon might prove just as popular as the gift.

Gift for Cats: Play

  • Laser pointer: Never underestimate the power of a laser pointer to start a chase!
  • Feathers: If your cat spends hours watching birds, consider getting them a toy that incorporates feathers. This could be an interactive toy for you both, fishing rod-style, or something for solo play that they can hunt.
  • Noisy toys: Choose a toy that incorporates sound, like crinkling or bells, if you’ve seen your cat attracted to noise in the past. Skittish cats may not enjoy these toys as much.
  • Scratchers: Scratching surfaces are crucial to keeping your couch unblemished and your cat happy. Look for quality materials like sisal or carpeting that claws won’t get caught in.
  • Catnip: If your cat loves this goof-inducing treat, look for toys that incorporate catnip into the fabric. It’s also great to sprinkle on toys.

DIY option: Grow catnip in elevated feeders outside or out of reach of your cat. Harvest the leaves yourself to give to your cat!

  • Cat Wall Shelves: Looking to maximize a small space or just keep kitty off your counters? Go vertical by installing cat shelves. Place them near a window for optimal bird-gazing.

DIY: You can custom make your cat shelves with mix-and-match units from home goods stores and some carpeting.

Healthy Gifts for Health Cats

  • Wellness exam: Your cat may not see a trip to the vet as a gift, but there are many health benefits to bringing them in for a checkup. Catching any potential issues early could mean happier years ahead.
  • Grooming tools: The holidays are a great time to upgrade that old cat brush and start a new grooming routine with your cat. Consider a brush that helps remove undercoat and prevent shedding. Your cat will love it, and you’ll improve their coat health too.

Food Gifts for Hungry Cats

  • Treats: Why not offer your cat a new flavor or texture for the holidays? Just like people, cats can get tired palates. Treats can also be incorporated into certain toys, so your cat has to bat them around to reach the snack.

DIY version: Fill a decorative planter with dirt, then plant cat grass seeds and grow according to instructions.

  • Pet water fountains: Many cats prefer to drink from running water, so investing in a pet fountain is a great way to encourage healthy water consumption.

The Gift of a Good Night’s Sleep

  • New bed: Give your kitty a soft, new place to curl up. Depending on your cat’s personality, they may appreciate a window perch bed, a heated pad for the edge of your bed, or an enclosed nook just for them. Make sure the fabric is washable and place the bed in a draft-free spot your cat is known to nap. Remember that some heat-retaining bed fabrics that attract cats may not necessarily feel soft to your touch.

DIY option: Craft a cat bed from an old sweater or, if you’ve got more technical skills, quilt one!

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