7 Awesome Christmas DIYs for Your Pet


While we're getting a festive Christmas assault on all our senses from TV, billboards, songs on the radio, and decorations everywhere, our lovely pets might be feeling left out.

Here are the seven best DIY ways to spread some of that holiday cheer to your furry friend:

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1. Holiday Scarf
Pinned by Caroline Asbury Stroemel

A little pizazz around their neck is a surefire way to let your guests know that your pet is all geared up for the holiday. We love this design from The Thrifty Crafter.

2. Pet Paw Print Ornament


Pinned by Cindy Paris

A little bit of quick-dry molding clay and patience is all it takes to put a memento of your pet on the tree this year. Just flatten out a piece, press their paw into the clay, and tada! You have yourself a brand new, very trendy, homemade ornament. Get the complete guideline on Sew Doggy Style.

3. Suitcase Bed


Pinned by Erin Nicole

For those looking to undertake a slightly bigger project, the suitcase-turned-bed is a great way to spruce up your living room and give your small-to-medium-sized pet a comfy place to dream of sugar plums. Find the instructions at Little Chief Honey Bee.

4. Stockings


Pinned by Kelsey Frick

A stocking on the mantle is another facet of the holiday that your pet can easily be a part of. A few pieces of material and some simple stitching is all it takes to give Santa another place to give your pet some hard-earned gifts. Check out Be Like the Fox's instructions.

5. Little Santa Hat


Pinned by Stephanie Keime

Easy and cute as all get-out, a tiny Santa hat for your petโ€™s tiny head is another quick way to give your pet Christmas flair. Follow these simple instructions from Make and Takes.

6. Custom Mason Jar for Treats


Pinned by Patti Lee

One thing every pet wants this holiday is a brand new batch of tasty treats, but why not pack them with some extra special care this year? Just your garden variety mason jar and some glitter can take your pet-gift-giving prowess to the next level. Find instructions on

Chick Sprinkles


7. Homemade Dog Treats


Pinned by Julie Malnar

What would Christmas be without some fresh baked cookies? Take a look at this easy recipe from Yours Truly, G. Just remember not to put them out for Santa!

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