How feeding multiple dogs at once has become easier

How feeding multiple dogs at once has become easier

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An increasing number of homes now own multiple dogs. Only a lucky owner finds all dogs eating peacefully during meal time. Most dogs fight over research guarding issues. You must take the following action to prevent such an occurrence. Do try to keep a few dogs in diet mode. These will stop them from filching and fighting over other dogs' food. The easiest way to do this is to give each dog its individual bowl. Doing this will prevent infighting among the canines.

Food in equal quantities

In case of fighting, the winner will become fatter and the loser canine will become progressively thinner over time. It is thus important that all dogs get an equal amount of food. Measure the same quantity of food into each bowl. You can put in yogurt or canned food as a filler. In case one dog is a slow eater, pick up its bowl and place it on the counter beyond the dog's reach. If one dog does not want to eat, it is acceptable to put in yogurt into the bowl.Many multiple dog owners have found an easy way out. They use crates to feed their canines. Such a method prevents infighting among dogs. Bullying behavior like one dog staring at the other until the second canine moves away is also eliminated. Owners will also know if a dog has eaten its full meal or not. This is vital as dog obesity has risen in recent years and many owners will keep the dogs confined until every dog has finished its meal.

Non-accessible food

If you own a dog and a cat, store the cat food away from the dog. Remember canines love cat food and they will try tricks to eat it. To prevent this, place the cat food in a high place, like the dryer top. It is vital the cat should eat in peace. Your dog should not disturb it while it eats. Give food to the cat behind a cat-sized door which the dog cannot get access. In case you have multiple cats, find ways to feed each of them separately. Use big crates and baby gates that release food only to pets wearing special collars should be purchased. You must investigate all potential solutions to such a problem.Whatever you do, do not free feed your pets. It means your pets can access food at all times. Pets who eat in such a way have the tendency to put on weight. In the case of a multi-pet household, it will be impossible for you to know which pet has eaten food in how much quantities. You will also not know any change in the diet of any pet among multiple pets.

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