Flea and Tick Season Simplified


If you are a pet parent you know there is always something to worry about. One of the nicest concerns is finding that perfect spot for scratching behind the ears (and that just takes practice). ย A much scarier issue to tackle is Flea and Tick Season!

But unlike the other four seasons, laid out on the calendar and detectable by the weather outside, flea and tick season changes every year, based on a whole list of measurable living conditions for the pests. Flea and tick season can last all year in some places!Therein lies the scary part. If we protect our pets nine months out of the year with a good flea and tick medication, we may feel our duty is done. But a small lapse can mean danger and discomfort for your dog or cat and might even mean veterinary bills that could make those three saved months of medication seem like a drop in the bucket. So how do you know when your pet needs protection?Enter the most useful tool in your online doggie bag:

The Flea and Tick Map

by PetCareRx.com.It's a customizable tool that lets you plug in your location and figure out the threat level to your pet from fleas and ticks right now.You and your pet should be able to play safe in every season, so take a look and find out when your pet will need flea and tick protection.

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