Do You Know Your Dog Antibiotics?

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Dogs can get downright dirty. They can rough-house. Combine these two, and sometimes

dogs get hurt

. If your dog gets into a scrape, after first stopping any excess bleeding and getting them to the vet, you may have to give them


.An antibiotic is a medicine that fights against bacteria or other disease and illness-causing microorganism, such as a fungus -- "anti" meaning against, and "biotic" meaning material from or of a living organism. An antibiotic for dogs to treat their skin infection for example, is deadly to the bacteria but obviously not harmful to the dog.Can you tell your dog meds apart? Here are some of the most common antibiotics for dogs and their uses.Amoxicillin - An oral medication (meaning it needs to be eaten or consumed by your dog) that can come in caps (

Amoxicillin for Dogs Caps

) or tablets like


. It inhibits bacterial growth and can be used to treat wounds, skin infections, tooth abscesses, and respiratory or urinary infections.


- An oral medication that can come in drops or capsules,

clindamycin for dogs

treats skin, bone, and dental infections in dogs, and is also sometimes used to treat respiratory infections.

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