Best Low Maintenance Dog Breeds for Lazy People

Best Low Maintenance Dog Breeds for Lazy People

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Okay we get it, youโ€™re not lazy, you just already have a lot to do and you really want to keep a dog as well. Keeping a dog can be a lot of work but fortunately not all dogs are created equal. While some breeds might need a lot of care and maintenance, there are other breeds that donโ€™t need too much work. For those of us who donโ€™t have a ton of time and resources at our disposal, these low maintenance breeds could just be the answer.

Hereโ€™s our pick for the best low maintenance dog breeds

  1. American Staffordshire Terrier: We love this terrier for a number of reasons โ€“ they have short coats that donโ€™t need a lot of care and doesnโ€™t get all over the place. But besides the easy care this breed is also very intelligent so training is relatively easy and the big plus point is that these pups are very affectionate.
  2. Miniature Pinscher: These cuties really are a delight to have in the home. Cute looks aside, the short coat of fur makes brushing and grooming a breeze while not making a mess of the house. The little fellas are a healthy breed and for the most part donโ€™t need too many vet visits.
  3. Chihuahua: This tiny, tiny breed it practically a stuffed toy. With their small size and short coats, grooming Chihuahuas only takes a few minutes. Exercising this breed is easy too as you donโ€™t need a lot of space and just a ball to keep them occupied and running around for a bit.
  4. Russell Terrier: This is another healthy breed of dog that doesnโ€™t need to see the vet too often saving you both time and money. Easy to groom short fur, and a playful attitude make these little dogs a good addition to the family.
  5. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel: These dogs do love the attention and hate being left alone but for the most part they donโ€™t require any extra special care. They are easy to groom, easy to train and are very friendly around both adults and kids.
  6. Italian Greyhound: True to the greyhound breed these dogs are sleek and have short coats. You will need to take them out for a run every day but hey, that would be good for you too. This breed is friendly and lovable and a treat to be around.
  7. Rhodesian Ridgeback: These smart, affectionate and loyal dogs are a strong and healthy breed. Short coats means less grooming time and good health means fewer vet visits. Take them out once a day for a good run and you will have a happy puppy.

And there you have it; these are our top picks for the best low maintenance breeds.

Delve deeper to know more about these breeds.

What Are Some Low Maintenance Dogs?

Some people want to spend a lot of time engaging with their pets. They enjoy complicated grooming, long walks, or teaching tricks, and some even spend time and money dressing their dogs in cute clothes, or arranging elaborate spaces in the home. For these folks there are many dogs to choose from -- the Jack Russell, or the Pekingese, to the happy-go-lucky Labrador.

But some folks just donโ€™t have time in their lives for quite so much fuss. Itโ€™s perfectly respectable to be a dog-lover who happens to have a bit less time and energy for a pet. From busy parents, to working people with a litany of other obligations, dogs canโ€™t always come first. Donโ€™t fret. There are several breeds who are, relatively speaking, low maintenance dogs, and well-suited for loving caregivers who wish to focus on the rest of life as well.

Dogs who Need Minimal Exercise

Some dogs need frequent walks and lots of off-leash time to run. The following dogs, on the other hand, do quite well lying about the house, and require just a short walk once or twice a day.


These friendly, curious little dogs are great for the busy pet owner with limited spaceโ€”the apartment or condo dweller. Pugs donโ€™t need a ton of exercise, and a lot of what they do need can come from a brief bit of play in a small living room.


Similar to the Pug, the tiny Chihuahua is one of those dogs that makes a perfect pet for close quarters. These dogs are low exercise pets to a T, and are content to sleep much of the day away on the couch or a doggie bed.

Dogs who Need Minimal Grooming


The short coat on the American and English Bulldogs requires little from their owners in terms of maintenance. Occasional brushing and a bath now and then will keep these dogs in top shape. Bulldog owners will have to make sure the folds on the dogโ€™s face are kept clean and dry, but this is not a difficult task.


Another short-coated dog that needs little other than an occasional brushing. The coat of the Beagle stays clean and doesnโ€™t shed much. This breed, like the Bulldog, is also great with kids.

Dogs that Donโ€™t Need Showers of Attention

All dogs need companionship and love from their owners. After all, dogs are social animals. Nevertheless, these breeds get along without constant contact and attention from their people.

Shar Pei

Originally bred as a guard dog, the Shar Pei is a confident, independent breed that wonโ€™t demand constant attention from their owners. The dog is also often silent, barking only when strangers are present. The Shar Peiโ€™s independence and wariness might make this dog better for families without children. Also worth noting -- the Shar Peiโ€™s smushy face requires a bit of extra skin care.

Chow Chow

Another proudly independent breed is the Chow Chow, whose reserved nature sometimes earns this dog the reputation of being cat-like. Like the Shar Pei, the Chow Chow is dedicated and loyal to their owners but wary of strangers.

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