Beagle Dogs 101: Meet This Smart and Friendly Breed Why is This Breed So Beloved

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Is The Beagle Dog Good For You?

  • 1 Beagle dogs serve as the perfect family pet with their buoyant personalities.
  • 2 The Beagle temperament allows them to enjoy the company of adults, children, and other dogs.
  • 3 Known as a scent hound, Beagles have a strong hunting instinct.


It is believed that the Beagle originated from ancient Greece and France, as there is much evidence that proves the usage of Beagle-type dogs as hunting dogs during the Crusades. The modern day Beagleโ€™s bloodline is thought to be from the Talbot Hounds. During the British monarchy Beagles were very popular. Edward II, Henry VII, and Elizabeth I were all the proud parents of a Beagle or two. This breed was later bred with the Harrier and other hounds in England that were fearless hunters.

Quick Facts

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    12 - 15 years - although some have lived to be 18 years old.

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    Hair Length


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    Male Height

    14 - 16 inches (36 - 41 cm.)

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    Male Weight

    22 -25 pounds (10 - 11 kg.)

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    Female Height

    13 - 15 inches (33 - 38 cm.)

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    Female Weight

    20 - 23 pounds (9 - 10 kg.)

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    Litter Size

    2 -14 puppies with the average being 7 puppies


Beagles are prefect as a family pet. They have a buoyant personality and are very clever, inherently stubborn, often mischievous, and even destructive when it comes to acquiring food. Being a scent hound, Beagles have strong hunting instinct. They always crave for companionship with their family or other dogs. The Beagleโ€™s loud baying cry can be really annoying at times..


Tri-color, Black/Tan, Orange/White, Lemon/White, Red/White. Beagles appear in a range of colors including two-color and three-color variietes, very light tan, reddish, and orangish brown. They often have different colored spots on their coats known as 'ticking.'

Health Concerns

The common health problems Beagles are prone to include:


Beagles are small; two types of Beagles are recognized โ€” one that is under 13 inches, and the other type that is 13-15 inches in height. Generally a Beagleโ€™s coat color comes in black, tan, and white variety; the red and white; and the pale tan and white. And other than liver, all other recognized hound coat colors are accepted.

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