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Is the Chihuahua Right for You?

  • 1 Chihuahua dogs are known for their excessive aggressiveness and are not ideal companions for children.
  • 2 They require a gentle and positive approach to training.
  • 3 The Chihuahua breed tends to become obsessive towards their owner and demand much attention.


Boasting a long and rich legacy of 100 years, the Chihuahua takes the credit of being one of the oldest breeds in the whole of the Americas. Considered a sacred animal, they are also the most favored pet of North America. Though commonly considered as a native of Mexico, another theory of origin states that the dog is from Egypt. They are named after the state of Chihuahua in Mexico.

Quick Facts

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    14-18 years

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    Hair Length

    Long, Short

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    Male Height

    6-9 inches at the withers

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    Male Weight

    No more than 6 pounds

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    Female Height

    6-9 inches at the withers

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    Female Weight

    No more than 6 pounds

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    Litter Size

    1-4 puppies, with 2 being the average


Despite their diminutive size, the Chihuahua has a very large personality. Brave, lively, adventurous, and strong willed, the Chihuahua can be a handful if not properly socialized. They often catch a bad rap for being โ€˜yappy,โ€™ but most times this is a result of poor parenting. It may not seem like a big deal since they are so tiny, but they should be reprimanded for anything a larger dog would be. Also, just because they are tiny doesnโ€™t mean they donโ€™t require daily walks..


The coloring of a Chihuahua can be any solid, marked, or splashed color.

Health Concerns

With an average lifespan of 15 to 17 years, the Chihuahua breed grows up to an average height of 6-9 inches and weighs 2-6 pounds. To keep them in good health, it is ideal to take them for long walks. Chihuahuas are prone to:


Chihuahuas are the smallest dogs on earth, which makes them extra appealing for people who live in apartments. They have a head that is somewhat larger than the proportions of their body, making them look a little like a walking bobble-head. That, in concert with their even larger eyes and ears, make the Chihuahua seem like it was almost engineered to be adorable.

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