Hereโ€™s Why Felines Love Snuggling Up in Boxes

Hereโ€™s Why Felines Love Snuggling Up in Boxes

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So, you've come back home from a trip at the mall and brought your kitty back a shiny new toy. But imagine this, the moment you take the toy out the bag, you cat swoops into the empty bag instead of showing any interest to the toy. Has this happened to you? If you've been a cat parent for a while now, chances are, you're all too familiar with your cat's fascination with bags, boxes, baskets, and other enclosed places. Ever wondered why your cat never misses an opportunity to snuggle up in these? Let's find out.

It makes perfect sense to your cat

Your cat's behavior may seem odd to you. But your cat is functioning out of instinct. Cats have primarily ambushed predators. So, a box or basket gives it a place to carefully stalk its prey from, before it decides on the right time to pounce forth and go for the kill. Your cat can then retreat back into this enclosed space to hide from other predators that may be lurking in the vicinity,

Also, the enclosure of a box provides it with a sense of safety and security. Cats like being in control. They don't want to be snuck on and taken by surprise. When your cat is in the box, it can see you, but you can't spot them unless you directly come into their line of vision. Such a set-up suits your cat just fine.

Cats also tend to run away and hide when faced with conflict. They don't have the kind of conflict resolution mechanisms that we possess in us โ€” their natural reaction when in conflict, is to escape to a place where they can de-stress.

Another reason that might explain why cats love themselves some box-time is because it helps them adapt to change. If youโ€™re planning to move houses, make sure you get your feline friend a box to cozy up in. They will prefer to make a home out of this box before theyโ€™re ready to come out and explore their new surroundings.

Cats like being warm. Your boxโ€™s small enclosed space provides it with its much-needed warmth.

Let's not forget, your cat is curious why you have an empty box lying around and what its purpose could be. You can trust your cat to play detective and sniff and prod it until it has figured out a satisfactory reason for the box's existence in the household.

Now you know

If all the reasons listed above weren't adequate, there's another. The texture of a cardboard box enables it to become a favorable toy for your cat, which can scratch and bite it if it so pleases and keeps itself entertained for hours.

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