DOG VIDEO: Charcoal the Dog LOVES his Bucket



All dogs

love to play. This dog REALLY loves to play.But Charcoal, the dog in the video, does not just play with any toy

all willy-nilly. No, he has one toy of which he is especially fond.It isn't the most...conventional dog toy, but hey, who can argue with someone having that much fun.

Charcoal and His Bucket

Charcoal the dog is a

black lab

that loves nothing more than to run around with that big, red bucket on his head. Strange as it may seem, when you see how much joy this dog is able to get from something as simple as a plastic bucket, it is hard to stop yourself from reverting back to a child-like state of mind -- paper towel rolls are periscopes and a plastic punch bowl can beย an astronaut helmet.

Anything can be a toy if you try hard enough.That isn't to say that you should let your dog play with whatever they like. If that were the case, you would end up wearing a pair of chewed up loafers every day. Also, many household items can be downright dangerous for dogs to play with (i.e., plastic bags, ribbons, soup bones). But if your dog wants to mess around with something like a bucket or an old boot, if it isn't hurting anybody, why not let them?
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