Leaving Your Dog Outside the House


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You may have wondered whether it is safe to leave your dog outside the home for an extended period of time. Granted, your dog loves nothing more than prancing outside, running, jumping, and barking at random people and animals. The question is whether it is safe for the animal to remain outside for a better part of the day or even a couple of days. The dog may face many dangers like hostile weather conditions, poisonous plants, or even be attacked by other animals. It could also feel lonely after a few hours.

Safety is paramount

As an owner, it is your responsibility to make sure that your canine is safe from atmospheric elements like rain, sunshine, wind, and snow. Different kinds of weather mean various precautions to keep the dog safe. The dog must have the ability to enter your home or any shelter to take refuge from weather extremes. To give an example, if your dog loves nothing more than to laze in the sun, then the shelter must have cold water and shade. Conversely, if your dog loves to jump in the snow, then you should keep warm water in the house. If you do not maintain such precautions, then there is an even chance of the dog freezing or overheating to death.


If you have an outdoorsy dog, buy a kennel. The small structure will give it some respite from hostile atmospheric conditions. Choose one which is waterproof and insulated. It must all completely block the rays of the sun. There is no need for the kennel to be a big one, it should be of sufficient size so that the dog feels comfortable inside. Put in warm blankets during winters and cold towels during summers. You should never leave the dog unattended for extended time periods-especially overnight. Any complication which may happen to the dog could turn worse if you do not know it has happened. Check your dog at regular intervals to see whether it is okay. Since the canine will spend many hours outside, get a fence which will confine the animal. The fence must be such that it cannot escape. The structure will also protect yours from predators like wild animals. Barriers like fences will be beneficial to keep the canine out of many places like backyard ponds and gardens. Ensure that the dog cannot access the garage area as it contains a number of toxic chemicals like gasoline and antifreeze. The presence of sharp tools could also kill or seriously injure the dog. The canine requires unfettered access to water and food. It must be able to relieve itself whenever it wants to do so. You can install doggie doors if it is a trained animal.

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